It’s been a long while since my last clothing haul. I don’t tend to buy myself clothes in bulk. Even when I do I usually don’t like it all so I end up sending 80% of it back. However, I treated myself to a few bits from Missguided a while ago and wanted to show you what I got. Here goes my first ever Missguided haul!


Sassy Tee £10

I am a huge sucker for a slogan tee, so when I saw this I had to get it. With tops like this, I do prefer them to be a big baggier so I decided to size up on this. I’m glad I did too as it looks so good on! I’ve already gotten so much wear out of it, and will only get more and more. During the colder weather I’ve been pairing it with some jeans. I’m sure when the hotter weather comes around it’ll look good with some shorts or a skirt. It’s such a simple piece, but so effective.


ablogbycharlie Missguided X Barbie tops

Barbie Tees £18

I’m not going to lie, I was a bit torn on these tops when I first saw them. I also couldn’t decide on which colour to get so bought two. This has become a bit of a situation, I should really stop. The only reason I was so torn on these is because they’re quite different to my usual style as they’re half and half. It’s not your typical slogan tee. Since they’ve been delivered and I’ve tried them on, I’m really glad I picked them up. They’re so comfortable, and the half and half style adds a bit of ‘something’ to an outfit.


 ablogbycharlie Missguided jumper

Orange Stripe Balloon Sleeve Jumper £28

I’m so gutted that this is no longer on their website. If there was one thing from this haul I would make you buy, it’s this. Bright colours aren’t usually my thing, but I’ve been stepping out of my comfort zone lately. I wanted to experiment with colour a lot more this year as I’ve always been so used to black and monochrome colours. I was really surprised when I tried it on and actually really liked it. Surprised in a good way, of course. Not only is it bright, but it’s also more cropped than I expected. I have gotten used to that, and feeling a lot more confident than normal with that.


ablogbycharlie Missguided Sweatshirts

Oversized Sweatshirts £10

Once again, I couldn’t decide on which colour so obviously I bought two. I sized down in the black as they didn’t have my size in stock. However, I now wish I’d done this with both because it looks a lot better a size down. These are great for lounging around the house as they’re so comfortable. I also love pairing the black one with a pair of blue jeans and cute accessories to style it up more. It looks like I’ve made more effort than I actually have, and that’s the kinda outfit I live for!


ablogbycharlie Missguided Your Loss crop top

Your Loss Crop Top £10

Yes, another slogan tee. I told you I’m a sucker for them! I’m not typically a crop top girl, but I got a bit brave when ordering this. I thought it was too cute to not get though, and also sticking with the sassy theme. They have a black version of this top too, but I preferred the pink one so I decided on a bit of colour again. It is quite cropped, but I’ll have to get used to this one. I’ve only been brave to wear it out once, but I’m hoping I can get a lot more wear out of it.


ablogbycharlie Missguided Puffer coat

Check Puffer Coat £35

I had absolutely no hesitation at all putting this coat in my basket. I fell in love as soon as I saw it. It looked so comfy, and I can confirm this is the case. It’s like wearing an actual sleeping bag! Every time I wear it, I’m so warm because of the insane amount of padding. Again, it’s a tiny bit cropped, but I can live with it. It has draw string type things so that you can cinch in the waist and make it look more flattering. I’m just obsessed with the cool vibe of it so the fact it’s also practical is a winner!


I know this isn’t the most exciting haul as it’s all tops etc. I only ever wear jeans on my bottom half, so I need to start braving different styles in that department. This was my first big order on Missguided, and it did not disappoint at all. It’s been the most successful clothes order I’ve done in a long time. I’ll definitely be shopping at Missguided again!

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I love Missguided soooo much!! (I actually have the pink ‘your loss’ top!) I’m definitely lusting after these Barbie tees right now, think I may have to buy them!


Love those Missguided t -shirts they are so cute! Really affordable as well! x

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