I love The Body Shop, it’s one of my favourite places to get my skincare and their Tea Tree range is my holy grail! I’ve been needing to stock up on a couple of things so I took a trip into my local store and bought a couple of extra bits too.

The main reason I went was because I needed to pick up the Pore Minimiser as I’ve been running low for a while and use this every day before applying my make up as a primer. I find it to be such a good primer and works better than my old one while also giving my skin a nice refreshed feel. It makes taking my make up of a lot easier, and my skin still feels fresh after doing so.

I also picked up a Mattifying Lotion as it’s coming up to Summer which is when I find trouble with shine. I apply this on top of the Pore Minimiser in my ‘problem areas’ like my forehead and cheeks to stop shine from happening and my make up slipping off.

Last item I bought from the Tea Tree range was the toner. I use this after I remove my make up and cleanse in the evenings. It makes my skin feel so fresh, so clean and it also smells amazing. I find that using this range before I go to bed helps me nod off, and continues to work once I do. Using this range has improved my skin amazingly in the last couple of months and I certainly recommend it to anyone that suffers with combination oily skin and noticeable pores.

I have been a little obsessed with body sprays and mists at the moment, so when I smelt the Mango Body Mist I couldn’t not buy it. I love the mango smell as it is, and knowing that I can walk around smelling of them all day makes me very happy. It’s such a fresh scent and with Summer coming up it’s definitely going to get a good use of.

I also bought the Indian Night Jasmine Eau De Toilette as it, again, has a very Summery, fresh smell. I feel like this is one that I’d use in the evenings, whereas the Mango body mist will be a day-to-day scent. I bought a couple of these as it’s half the size of the body mist and didn’t want it to go too soon.

So, there’s my little Body Shop haul. I hope you enjoyed these products, let me know if you’ve tried any or what products you would recommend!

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