Today is time for something new. I was recently sent these Marc Jacobs Matte Highliner Gel Eye Crayons, and wanted to share my thoughts with you. I’ve never done an eyeliner review before, but I wanted to give my opinions in depth of these ones. They arrived a few weeks ago so I’ve managed to play around with them a fair bit.

The first thing that caught my eye with these was the packaging. It’s simply a silver pencil with all of the text in black with a small strip to show the shade. The packaging gives a very elegant and sleek vibe. It is quite simplistic, but I love that about these. They are high end eyeliners, and you can certainly tell straight away from how they feel. They don’t feel cheap at all. I also really like the fact it’s the kind of packaging that you don’t sharpen. It has a twist mechanism at the bottom. I much prefer this, it means the pencil doesn’t get ruined.

The formula of these eyeliners is really nice. They’re super creamy which makes it so easy to apply. It also means they’re not harsh on the eyes by pulling or scratching. Marc Jacobs never play around with the pigmentation of their products – these eyeliners are no exception. I’ve found the only downfall to them being to creamy is that they can be a bit streaky if my eyes are watery. This is easily fixable with a couple more layers, but it isn’t helpful if I’m in a rush at all.

These eyeliners are priced up at £20 a piece. Let’s be real, it is a high price for an eyeliner. However, it is a high end product from Marc Jacobs, which is a high end brand. What makes me not mind the price as much is that it also performs like a high end product too. It doesn’t pull or scratch your eye like I’ve experienced with lower priced liners. Also, with some creamier formulas, like this one, I’ve experienced them ‘leaking’. But with these Marc Jacobs liners, they do not budge once they’ve been applied.

I was very kindly sent two shades by Influenster. The two shades I was sent are Popular – a bright fuchsia pink – and Pink Of Me – a light baby pink. They’re great for adding a pop of colour to my waterline. Pink Of Me is a great choice when wanting to open up the eyes and make them look brighter.

Overall, I really like these. Had I not been sent them, I probably won’t have tried them yet. Saying this, I am so glad I got to try them. The streakiness can be a problem as I get quite watery eyes when applying eyeliner. It is easily solved though, so it’s not a make or break situation.

I’m super thankful to Influenster and Marc Jacobs for getting me involved. I love working on these campaigns – they’re so fun.

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Wow, definitely out of my price range especially because I can’t do my make up very often, but they do look amazing quality!! Love your photography too, it’s amazing xx

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