There has been a huge amount of hype around Makeup Revolution lately. And right so – how are people only just discovering how great a lot of their products are!? Makeup Revolution have released an abundance of products recently, including a whole new Pro range too. They’d released two foundations within a short space of time, so I wanted to compare the two, and see how they worked for me.

I love trying new products, especially foundation. There’s so much variance to them. As I mentioned, Makeup Revolution released two within a matter of weeks of each other. I’ve loved many Makeup Revolution products over the years, so I knew I had to get my Sherlock cap on and do some investigating. I managed to get them both, so then it was to put it to the test – Fast Base Stick vs Pro Camouflage. Before buying and trying, I read nothing. Not even the product descriptions which did come back to bite me, but you’ll find out how later on.

When trying the stick foundation, I found it strange from the off. I’ve never used a stick foundation before. On first application I definitely applied too much, but after a couple of attempts I got the balance right. After swatching this foundation in store, I decided on the shade F3 as this looked like a perfect match for me. However, once I got home and blend it out on my face, it looked really ashy and grey.

In the Pro foundation I opted for a different shade to see if this made a difference. I got F4, which still wasn’t perfect as I felt like it was too pink for me. The undertones definitely need to be looked at with these foundations as the balance seems a bit off to me. For reference, I’m usually a yellow toned girl – I’m shade NC20 with MAC foundations. This is a personal preference though, it doesn’t effect the formula of them.

Something that I didn’t realise before trying it is that the stick is actually a dewy foundation. The odds were already against me as these kind of foundations don’t typically work for my oily AF skin. However, I found this out after trying it THREE times so it didn’t sway my opinion of it at all. The finish of the foundation was flawless, but be careful of the amount you apply as even the slightest too much makes it incredibly cakey looking. I noticed it getting VERY oily VERY quickly. So much so that after three hours of wearing it i was itching to get it off because I could literally feel it melting off of my face. I wish that this was a matte formula because the finish was beautiful, it’s just very oily and greasy.

The Pro foundation had a similar finish, it was very smooth and flawless. When paired with the Pro powder it looked absolutely beautiful, and the powder helped with the undertone issue a lot! Again, just be cautious of the amount you apply as it can look cakey again if there’s too much applied. This foundation is definitely more matte. I wouldn’t say completely matte, more of a semi-matte. It was much more suited to my skin for sure, but it’s not a foundation that lasts me all day and into the evening still. It was much better than the stick foundation, however it still got quite oily towards late afternoon so it’s not amazing if you have a long day ahead.

I’m really gutted that neither of the foundation are a win for me, but you win some you lose some. I’d recommend the stick to people with dry skin, and the Pro foundation to people with normal to dry skin too. But, if you have oily skin like me then I’d probably steer clear from these foundations. They’re priced at £5 each, so if you really want to give them a go to see if it works differently for you then you’re not breaking the bank to do so.

Overall, I’m disappointed with these foundations. I’m quite sad about it too as they’re the first Makeup Revolution products where I’m not happy with them. The coverage is really good with both foundations, and the finish is beautiful with each of them too. I just have oily AF skin that, clearly, only a few foundations can cope with. I’ve actually kept the Pro foundation so that I can use it for looks in the future as the finish is beautiful. However, the stick I couldn’t cope with so I gave it to my best friend to see if it worked for her.

What are your thoughts on these foundations? Have you tried them, or are you thinking about it?

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