In my 22 years, I have never attempted tinting my brows. I’ve always been so terrified of it happening. By ‘that’, I mean the allergic reaction that caused my eyebrows to fall out entirely. They’ve never grown back properly since – and probably never will. Even when they do grow back, it always seems to be the wrong ones and need to be plucked! Of course, I’m too scared to wax them either…

I am super skeptical of salon tinting, let alone home tinting. So when I first saw this Makeup Revolution tint on Instagram, I wasn’t jumping off my seat to buy it. However, when I saw Rachel Leary test it on her Insta-story I was sold!

Due to my apprehension, I left it until a Friday night to try it out. That way if anything went tits up, I’d have the weekend to recover. I went in not expecting too much because of how sparse my brows actually are. The application was surprisingly easy considering the applicator isn’t very precise. Once it was on, I didn’t feel like there was anything there. There was no tingling sensation or irritation at all. I let it be for an hour through fear of overdoing it – despite the ‘up to two hours’ recommendation.

The results? They had me smiling from ear to ear. The removal process was super easy – just peel, and done! No pulling on the skin, and no hairs peeled with it either! My fears were subsided. The actual tint itself is incredible. I was pleasantly shocked at how well it tinted the hairs, but also the sparse areas! I’ve not been this happy with a product on a first try in a while.

My brows are something I’ve been insanely insecure about for years. There’s been many times that I have cried about it all. It sounds superficial AF, but it’s the truth. I’ve been so fed up of having to draw them on daily, that it feels so good knowing I no longer HAVE to. It had gotten to the point of not being able to leave the house without them drawn on. Going to the shops? You betcha. The gym? Hell yeah. Swimming? Absolutely. You’d think with all this practice they’d actually look half decent…

This tint is amazing, though. For £5, I truly can’t recommend this product enough. There’s a lot of hype around Makeup Revolution and certain products at the moment – but the hype is real with this one. Next time, I’ll definitely be leaving it on for a shorter time as I felt like this was too intense for me. It’s all about finding the time that’s best for you.

Have you tried this product yet, or do you want to at all? See my before & after below…

ablogbycharlie Makeup Revolution brow tint result

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