I’ve been wanting to try out an electronic cleanser brush for so long. With so many on the market it was hard to decide and couldn’t make my mind up which is best. So when Magnitone London got in contact asking me if they could send me one of theirs I was really excited. I was so happy I could finally try one out.

Magnitone London very kindly sent me one of their Barefaced! Facial Cleansing brushes and some Wipeout! Cleansing cloths. I was so intrigued by the cloths because they claimed that you just need water and it will remove all of your makeup. It sounded too good to be true, so I couldn’t say no to trying these out.

When the package arrived I wanted to use it all straight away. However, it was 10am and I had just gotten ready to go out. I was so eager though so I whacked out the information booklet and read through that a bit. Once I’d gone about my day and got home, the first thing I done was remove all of my makeup.

The cleansing brush has some pretty hefty claims about it. These claims include:

  • 6x more effective at cleansing skin than hands
  • 95% said Magnitone London was gentle on their skin
  • 92% experienced softer, smoother, brighter skin
  • 90% saw clearer skin with less blackheads and breakouts
Above information taken from the Magnitone London website.

When I used this for the first time, my skin felt amazing afterwards. It felt like the brush had really done its job. My skin felt so smooth, clean and refreshed. After a few more uses my skin started to breakout, but I wasn’t too alarmed as it does warn this does happen. It’s just your skin getting used to the deeper cleanse and the brush continuing to do it’s job apparently. Not going to lie, it did stress me out slightly as it’s very rare I get spots, so when I do it’s a big deal to me. However, the more I use it, the more I’m seeing and feeling results.

It’s now been a month since I started using it, and the results are incredible. My skin is so soft and smooth all the time. Pores are something that I always get conscious about, but using this has significantly reduced the visibility of them. I am really over the moon with my skin at the moment, and it’s been so easy to get it like this too. Just one minute a night using this brush has made a crazy difference!

Now, the cloths are something that I was really skeptical about when I was first told they only needed water. I mean, I doubt I was alone. I’m sure everyone would have the same reaction. I just really couldn’t fathom how these cloths was going to remove all my makeup with just water. Then I started wondering if they even worked at all…

I used these just before using the cleansing brush for the first time, and honestly, I was absolutely blown away. I’m pretty sure I actually said “OH MY GOD” out loud about 100 times. I genuinely couldn’t believe my eyes. The cloths work guys, like they actually get off makeup SO easily. It still shocks me to this day, but I can’t be without them now.

They’re so quick and easy to use, perfect if you’re on the go or travelling. I’m telling everyone about them now. I don’t know how I survived before! Don’t get me wrong, I don’t just use these because I want to make sure my makeup is fully removed. I still go in with Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish after using the cloths.

If you’re interested in the cleansing brush, or the cloths, you can visit the Magnitone London website. The Barefaced! Facial Cleansing Brush retails for £70, and the Wipeout! Cleansing Cloths are £15 for a pack of 2. I use these every single day, and they work, so they’re worth the money in my opinion. I 100% recommend trying these out if you’re on the hunt for a skincare fix.

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Fab post – I’ve wondered about these cloths for so long!! I’ve been using micellar water recently but I may take the plunge!


I definitely recommend, my skin looks amazing right now! x

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