This holiday season, MAC Cosmetics released the gorgeous MAC Snowball Collection. Everything about it was absolutely breath-taking, and I was already crying at photos before it was even released. No exaggeration. On the day of the launch, I was invited down to my local MAC counter to test products and watch some live demos of the products. If my love for it wasn’t already enough, I soon loved it more when I saw it in person.

Although I am usually a nude kind of girl, it’s not like me to lean towards glosses. However, when I saw this nude gloss kit, I had to get my hands on it. I’ve been wanting to embrace change and try new things, so I thought why not go for the gloss?! One of my best friends, Lillie, is a gloss girl through and through, so I felt inspired to welcome them with open arms.

Each shade is absolutely beautiful. There are three mini shades in the kit, which sets the price at a very reasonable £19.99. There are multiple kits; nude, pink, and rose. It was obvious from the off which one I would gravitate towards. In the nude kit you receive two Cremesheen Glass, and one Vamplify gloss.


Below Freezing

Below Freezing is a clear Cremesheen Glass with a tonne of glitter in. It’s absolutely stunning, and kind of reminds me of a disco ball. Due to the clear, high shine formula, this is perfect to go over the top of any kind of lipstick. It instantly creates a layer of glass over your lips and makes them look so full. You all know I love my highlight, and this is like highlight for the lips.


Iced Over

This shade is the only Vamplify gloss in the kit. It’s a beautiful rosy copper with high shine. It does have glitter in, however it is more fine compared to Below Freezing. This would work great in similar ways to Below Freezing too. However, this would also be perfect for creating an ombre lip with a darker shade to outline. I’ve also found this looks really pretty on it’s own, over your natural lip colour.


Winter Warmer

Winter Warmer is a gorgeous nude brown shade. Again, it has a huge amount of shine, creating the same glass looking layer when applied. Winter Warmer has the least amount of glitter out of all three shades, and it’s barely detectable when on the lips. It looks amazing over a dark lipstick to add more depth and dimension. Of course, I love my nudes so it’s no surprise that this is probably my favourite shade of the bunch.


As with all glosses, these aren’t transfer proof. Like I say, that’s pretty normal and I wouldn’t expect them to last how a matte liquid lipstick would. Saying this, they are long lasting compared to glosses that I have used in the past. When wearing these, I barely notice them being there. This is something I love about any kind of lip product. They’re very hydrating and nourishing, but not sticky or gooey. I love that they don’t create that horrible ‘string’ when glosses are too sticky.

I haven’t used them as much as I’d have liked to since having them. This is due to not wearing makeup too much recently and giving my skin time to breathe. However, I’m definitely going to be using them a lot more in the future. As it goes, I’ve enjoyed this experience with gloss. I don’t think I’m quite converted yet – it’ll take a lot for me to go fully gloss girl over my mattes.

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I love lipgloss, it’s so underrated!xx


I’ve never really given it a proper go until now, definitely need to use it more!! x


I’m definitely more of a matte girl too but wow – these are so pretty! I think you may have tempted me babe, can’t wait to see them on you!

Ali xx


Girlfriend! This post is everything! Wow! I love this collection. You’ve just made a few items fall in my basket!

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