This palette is something I have been eagerly wanting to write a post about. When you first look at it it doesn’t look like much, but MAC eyeshadows last forever. The palette consists of nine absolutely stunning shades. It works out at around £3 something per shade which to me is a bargain, especially for the quality MAC is.

The shades in this palette, in row order, consist of;
Honey Lust, Poppyseed, Quarry, Antiqued, Embark, #Noir, Haux, Star Violet, and Sketch.

I love this palette, and I certainly believe it is worth every penny paid for it. All nine shades individually are beautiful, and they compliment each other so nicely. I feel like I don’t need any other burgundy based palettes because this palette has all the shades I could need! I mean, Lord knows I’ll be buying more… I’m in a huge eyeshadow phase at the moment, but I definitely don’t need another if I was to think about it rationally. They’re very true to colour too. what you see online is what they look like in the palette and what they look like in the palette is what they look like on. I have found some lighter shades to be quite grey once on, but these shades are absolutely spot on. These eyeshadows are very pigmented and SO blendable it’s insane.In summary, I love this palette. It’s gorgeous, wearable and so worth the money. I can’t praise it enough for first impressions. It often takes a while for me to totally love a product as I find it so easy to find things I don’t like about things. I’m like it with clothes, jewellery, shoes, everything you could think of. It’s kind of good because it makes me not settle for second best. However, it’s a curse at the same time because I can come across fussy or stuck up. Luckily, these eyeshadows are going to be my favourite shades for the Spring.


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Yaaaaas, love MAC eyeshadows! Have you seen Dusky Rose Times Nine? That’s my current obsession..oh, and Deep Damson ???? Love how detailed you were in the post, and your photos are always stunning!


I really want to try the Dusky Rose! It looks gorgeous. Thank you so much x

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