I’ve been wearing this look a lot lately and received a lot of compliments on it when I have. I use the MAC Burgundy Times Nine palette to create this look, it consists of nine gorgeous burgundy toned shades. I’ve recently done a whole blog post about it and my first impressions, if you’ like to read that you can here. The high pigmentation of the shadows makes it so easy to blend and the contrast between light and dark tones look gorgeous.
I wear this look sometimes as a day-to-day look because I love bold make up and smokey eye looks some days. If that’s not for you this look is ideal for nights out with the girls or a date night with a nice LBD and gold accessories. I love pairing a monochrome outfit with brightly coloured make up to focus the attention on my makeup.
I start off by using a thin brush to draw a line in my crease with the ninth shade on the palette, Sketch, before blending upwards from the crease. I do this until I am happy with the depth of my crease and bring the colour into the outer V to create a cat eye effect. I then take the eight shade on the palette, Star Violet, over my lid to add shimmer to the look. To lighten this I then take the first shade, Honey Lust, and pat over the top of Star Violet to brighten the eyes. I also take this into the inner corner of my eye and slightly along the bottom lash line. To finish the look off I take a small amount of Sketch along my lower lash line to connect up with Honey Lust. I added a wing to this look to add extra ‘umph’ and to make my lashes pop that little bit more against the darkness of the eyeshadows.
Here’s the finished look:

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Love this look!

Ella – ellapitt.blogspot.co.uk


Thank you! Glad you like it!

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