It’s been a while. I was made to run down my Lush products before going back because I had too many.. Apparently anyway!

I went back today planning on just picking up one bath bomb, but I walked away with a bit more. Oh well! I didn’t spend a great amount because I do definitely need to cut down. I admit I have a problem, I go there every month and spend far too much money. Like, way too much money…
The first and only planned product I picked up was Twilight. It’s a bath bomb, probably my favourite now that Granny Takes A Dip has become a bubble bar *sad face*. Twilight smells amazing, and makes my skin feel so soft after a bath! It makes your bath go pink, then there’s a surprise blue middle (sorry for ruining that surprise) and the water goes purple.

I then went on to pick up everything as I walked towards the counter. I picked up Fizzbanger because I also love that one. It’s a citrus-y smell and I literally smell amazing after a bath when using this. It’s gorgeous in the water too which is an added bonus!

I then picked up Candy Mountain because it’s too cute to not pick up. This is the only bubble bar I picked up and it makes my bath really bubbly and pink. CUTE!

I actually queued after picking these items up, but not even that stopped me from picking up more things! I picked up Butter Bear, which makes your skin incredibly soft. It’s amazing! I also picked up Star Dust too which smells like fresh washing. I love the smell of fresh washing so I thought “why not!”. Titsy Totsy also made an appearance in my basket for the same reason.

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