I am a huge fan of all things LUSH. I love the fact they don’t test on animals, vegetarian (some vegan) friendly products and all their products are handmade. I’m unable to walk past the shop without going inside and buying one or two bits – and by one or two I mean of each item! I recently went into LUSH with the intention of simply buying two bath bombs as I had plenty anyway, but I walked out with a lot more than anticipated yet again. I thought I’d share with you what I bought and hopefully give you a few ideas of things to try if you haven’t already.
The Comforter Shower Gel
This stuff is amazing. I love the bubble bar too, but I think I prefer the shower gel as I get more uses out of it. It smells like Ribena which makes it feel like you’re bathing in a bowl of fruit juice, which may not sound ideal, but trust me it’s so relaxing and comforting (hence the name). It contains Bergamot Oil which is uplifting making this the perfect shower gel to start the day off with as it wakes you up while cleansing your skin to complete smoothness.
Mask of Magnaminty
This face and body mask makes my skin so soft and clean it feels like a brand new face. I have been using this mask for a while and every time I do I can’t stop touching my face because it feels amazing. It smells like peppermint as one of the ingredients is Peppermint Oil to cool and invigorate the skin, while the Honey, Kaolin and Ground Aduki Beans moisturises, cleanses and renews the skin. It exfoliates my skin as I remove it leaving me feeling rejuvenated.
Lover Lamp Bath Bomb
I picked this up as it was on the Valentines Day table as I walked into the store. It smells fresh due to the vanilla, and I haven’t used it yet, but it’s meant to make your skin feel so moisturised. It contains Cocoa Butter which melts into the bath water so your skin can absorb all the moisturising goodness. It also contains Vanilla Absolutes and Brazilian Orange Oil to help lift your mood and last throughout the day.
Sex Bomb Bath Bomb
This bath bomb is perfect for those evening when I’m stressed out after a long day at work or a busy day out. The scent of jasmine relaxes me and is well known to relieve stress, but also as an aphrodisiac – hence the name Sex Bomb. This bath bomb also contains ylang ylang and clary sage which helps to clear the mind and soothe worries. I love the colour this turns my bath and it really does work when I’m having a bad day with anxiety and I can feel my whole body sink into relaxation like I’m on a cloud.
Twilight Bath Bomb
I’ve been having a lot of trouble sleeping lately, but when I use this bath bomb I’m always guaranteed a good night’s sleep. With the aroma of jasmine floating around the bathroom it enables my mind to clear itself and relax. Jasmine is also known as a cure for insomnia, making me sleepy and ready for a good night’s rest. The combination of Benzoin and Tonka smell like a malt milk drink which the mind automatically associates with sleep and rest. It really does work and is my favourite bath bomb because it makes me feel so relaxed and ready for bed.
Fizzbanger Bath Bomb
This bath bomb starts fizzing a warm yellow colour, but the inside has a surprise colour inside (blue) and turns the bath a green colour. This bath bomb is ideal for those days when stress is really getting to me. As someone that has anxiety this bath bomb is perfect for those evenings when I really want to get it back under control, and thanks to the Petitgrain it’s so simple. The ylang ylang and cinnamon leaf oil helps the mind to let go of issues that may be bothering you. I love this bath bomb, again, and find that it really is useful to help soothe my mind when I am having a horrible day with my anxiety.
Blackberry Bath Bomb
This bath bomb is perfect for those that suffer with anxiety. Lush are really good in the way they make their products, they’ll really think about the science behind the aromatherapy of different scents.  As soon as this bath bomb hits the water and the bergamot and frankincense get to work my troubles soon fade away. It’s designed to get rid of any tension and give a sense of wellbeing, which is exactly what it does. Not to mention the beautiful purple colour it turns the water!
Avobath Bath Bomb
Scent wise, this is one of my favourite bath bombs. The smell of lemongrass and avocado is heavenly. This is the perfect bath bomb for tackling dry skin, so if you’re a sufferer of eczema this is an ideal bath bomb for you! It contains a lot of mashed avocado and olive oil which tackles dehydration of the skin and the lustre gives your skin a dazzling effect. It works amazingly on my skin and is perfect for this time of year as the cold weather catches up with my skin.
Intergalactic Bath Bomb
This is probably my favourite bath bomb in terms of how it makes my bath look – it releases all these different colours which eventually all blend in to a deep blue colour with a shimmer to it. It really does look like space. It’s such a feel-good bath bomb as the peppermint oil and grapefruit oil are invigorating, uplifting and refreshing. It’s perfect to use before a night out as it uplifts your mood and spirits sky high. I love to use it if I feel like I really need an old fashioned pick-me-up if I’ve had a crappy day and it makes my skin feel so soothed and relieved of any aches and pains.
In a circle from dark blue: Intergalactic, Sex Bomb, Blackberry, Fizzbanger, Twilight, Lover Lamp. Middle: Avobath. Product links below images.

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I want to try so many of these bath bombs. They all look gorgeous! Time for a trip to Lush I think!

Jemima x


These are look so colorful, it just like candy and I bet it smell really good too. Great post dear! Would you like to follow each other? if you decided to follow me on BLOGLOVIN and Instagram please let me know so I can follow you back. Thank you.


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