Over the last few months I’ve noticed that my skin is unusually oily. I’ve been trying different skincare products, but thought I would shake things up by trying a new foundation. Trying a new foundation is a big deal for me. Research needs to happen as I get worried I will hate it. The foundation that caught me eye was this L’Oreal Paris Infallible Total Cover Foundation.

The main reason I was drawn to this one in particular is because L’Oreal are a great drugstore brand. I’ve been wanting to try a new drugstore foundation for a while, so I was hoping it would be a win/win. Admittedly, I think it was the Infallible Matte Foundation I was actually going to buy. However, I had looked at both and both were said to be great at balancing oil.



The foundation has a mousse-like texture, so when I tried to apply it with a beauty sponge it didn’t apply that well. I panicked as I use my trusty beauty sponge for everything. However, I got out my Zoeva Buffer Brush and tried it out again. This time around I was a lot more pleased with the finish. One thing I’ve learnt after using this foundation for the past month is ‘less is more’. I only need the smallest amount to get the perfect application and finish.



Coverage is the purpose of this foundation so it already sounds promising. It didn’t disappoint either, the coverage is great! As I mentioned, I only need a small amount and the coverage still doesn’t disappoint. This L’Oreal foundation is certainly up there with my top drugstore foundations for coverage. It’s the perfect amount of coverage for this time of year!



So far this foundation was ticking all the boxes. Saying this, I am a little sad that the wear of this foundation isn’t better. It feels like after a few hours of wear it starts to go really patchy in more oily places; my chin, forehead, around my nose. Once this happens I become very apprehensive to even touch my face slightly. Obviously, I’m not hugely disappointed. I understand foundations aren’t going to look the same 10 hours after applying them. I’m just gutted because my battle with my skin continues!

Overall, I like this foundation. I may not use during the Summer if my oily skin continues, but I’m definitely going to try this out again in colder weather! Comparable to the Rimmel foundation I usually use, the L’Oreal one is definitely better at controlling the oil. I’m still needing to powder throughout the day, just not as much.

Do you have any suggestions of products that have helped you with your oily skin? I’d love if you could leave them below in the comments!

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This foundation was horrible on my skin so I’m glad it worked better for you.


Oh no, that’s rubbish.. Thank you! It could be better on oily areas, but overall worked okay 🙂 x


I use the infallible matte and I like it! It’s not perfect but it does the job for a drugstore foundation. Have you tired using blotting tissues? They’ve really helped me control my oil without getting cakey layering up powder.


I’ve been tempted to for ages, but I’m worried it’ll take off my makeup. Did you find they done this with yours? X


No it definitely doesn’t take my makeup off! It’s so good you can just see the oil on the sheet afterwards! Love it x


I had the same issue of oily skin, I remedied it by using witche hazel toner. The brand is called Thayers and it’s a rose water formula. It worked great for me. It helped control my t-zone.

Another product I use is the Too Faced primed and poreless powder. That stuff truly makes me makeup matte.


Thank you!! I’ll have a look into those x


How do you take such good looking pictures for your blog posts? This is something I want to look into more with my blog in making the picture quality better. Also, how do you put the tabs right at the top of your blog? I’ve wanted to add tabs to mine for a while but don’t know how!! My skin is usually always oily so will need to try this out! And, It’s usually face creams/moisturisers I use that help my skin the most when it comes to fighting the oil.


I take them with my phone, and use VSCO to edit them & brighten them. The tabs are just a menu, you can code this in on your HTML code or find a template of one online if you don’t want to do it from scratch 🙂 I’m trying a couple of different moisturisers, what ones do you find help? X

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