I’ve been trying to figure out a way to talk through my lipstick and liquid lipstick collection for a while. However, with swatches, doing them all together would’ve made the longest blog post. I’m by no means saying that I have a huge collection, actually quite far from it. I just thought it would be fun to talk through the liquid lipsticks I do own and see if you have any recommendations for me. These kinds of posts and videos are also my favourite – they’re so relaxing.

When someone says “liquid lipstick”, most people straight away think of the iconic Kylie Lip Kits. I own four of the Kylie Lip Kits; Candy K, Dolce K, Posie K & Exposed. Out of the four I own, I’d say that Candy K is a firm favourite. It’s a gorgeous pink nude, which is strange for me as I don’t usually favour pinks. I remember when I got these and the hype was REAL! I mean, who else remembers the days of refreshing Kylie’s site trying to get hold of some liquid lipsticks?! Thankfully, the hype has kind of died down now that they’re stocked a lot more. I definitely want to get more in the future, but those damn custom charges get me every time. Swatches top to bottom: Exposed / Candy K / Dolce K / Posie K.

ablogbycharlie Kylie Cosmetics liquid lipstick

Going from the most expensive of my collection, to the least expensive, I want to discuss these MUA Luxe liquid lipsticks. I have three of these in my collection, and despite what you may be thinking, I actually really like them. Obviously, they’re not my favourite and not the best I have. However, they are a really good formula which doesn’t move all day! My only downside is that they are quite drying, and I don’t usually find dryness to be too uncomfortable. Saying that, you can’t expect the world for £3! For the price point these are 100% worth it if you’re wanting to grow your collection and colour range. My favourite of these would be Kooky. It’s a gorgeous plum purple, perfect for Autumn! Swatches top to bottom: Dash / Kooky / Unity.

ablogbycharlie MUA Cosmetics Velvet Lacquer Swatches

I also own two of the MUA Metallic liquid lipsticks. However, I don’t like these as much. Not so much due to the formula or due to the sheer coverage, but the smell of them isn’t nice at all. You know when you get a new car, and there’s that really horrible air freshener that makes you feel sick? That’s what these smell of, and putting them on is a struggle because I can’t stand the smell. The liquid lipsticks themselves are actually nice once they’re on, but the initial step isn’t a winner in my books. Swatches top to bottom: Glint / Luster.

ablogbycharlie MUA Cosmetics Metallic Liquid lipstick Swatches

Sticking to the lower price point on the spectrum, I’m going to move on to these Makeup Revolution liquid lipsticks. These are quite similar to the MUA ones in terms of formula, however I’d say they’re a lot more drying. I don’t tend to wear these for long periods of time because it’s quite harsh on the lips. However, I do play around with them a lot when creating looks. The pigmentation is there, however the dryness really does let these down. Again with these though, I can’t expect Kylie quality for such a low price point. Swatches: Rebel / Black Heart.

ablogbycharlie Makeup Revolution liquid lipstick swatches

Some others I own, but don’t tend to reach for too often, are the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipsticks. I know I’ve been moaning about some liquid lipsticks being too dry, but these ones are too wet for me. I’m not really a velvet finish kind of girl, I like my mattes and that’s that. However, these are really nice to wear in the colder weather when it comes around. These are really moisturising and hydrating though, which I do like. Where I’m so used to mattes, these feel like gloss on my lips so they’ll certainly take some getting used to when winter comes around. Swatches top to bottom: Nude-ist / Peach Club / Hot Pepper.

ablogbycharlie Bourjois Rogue Edition liquid lipstick swatches

I really love the shades of these Maybelline Vivid Mattes. The formula is also something I can’t moan at either. They’re really comfortable on the lips, and I feel like some of that is down to the fact they dry down quite slowly. I’ve worn these a lot during days out, but not so much nights out. They don’t survive food that great, but if they’re not necessarily put through their paces then they last really well. An additional bonus is that they’re very true to their name. They’re certainly very vivid in colour and the pigment is there! Swatches top to bottom: Nude Flush / Berry Boost.

ablogbycharlie Maybelline Vivid Matte liquid lipstick swatches

These liquid lipsticks are the ones I probably reach for the most. I think that the NYX Lingerie in the shade Lace Detail is my favourite liquid lipstick that I own. Annoyingly, I couldn’t find it to watch, but it’s my perfect nude. They’re really creamy and quite a mousse-like consistency which makes them really comfortable to apply. I feel like these are quite similar to the Kylie formula, however I prefer these NYX ones so I definitely need to try more. I adore the wear of these as they’re not too drying and they last through everything. These are the ones I reach for all the time; days out, nights out, work, everywhere. They’re just so good, I could talk about them all day. Swatches top to bottom: French Maid / Exotic / Vintage / Stone Fox.

ablogbycharlie NYX Cosmetics lingerie liquid lipstick swatches

Last, but not least, another that I really love is my Sephora liquid lipstick. I have the shade Chai Latte and it’s absolutely beautiful. It’s a bit darker than a nude, but I always use it when I do a dramatic eye to help tone down the look. Again, with this one, the formula is beautiful. It’s a little more drying than the NYX ones, but I wouldn’t even call them drying. This one also wears amazingly, I never need to reapply this whenever I wear it. I want to get more of these too at some point!

ablogbycharlie Sephora liquid lipstick swatch

There we have it, my liquid lipstick collection. If you would like another post like this, but of my lipstick collection, be sure to let me know! Lipsticks are one of my favourite things so I could talk about them so much if I could. Have you tried liquid lipsticks that I need to? Let me know of any I need to try!

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I love liquid lipsticks! Jouer cosmetics and lime crime are my favourite xxx


Same! I’ve always got one in my bag haha. I really want to try them both!! xxx


I have some of the vivid matte ones and I really like those. I haven’t tried the Jouer ones yet but I really want to as the shades looks gorgeous x So jealous of your massive collection!


I really want to try the Jouer ones too! Going to have to take a peek soon I think haha x


What an amazing collection! I love liquid lipsticks, you have such amazing colours too!

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