I saw Victoria (inthefrow) do a video about lessons she has learnt in life, and I thought I’d sit down and think about life lessons I’ve learnt in my 19 and a half years of being on good old planet Earth. Obviously, I’m still quite young so I still have so much more that I have yet to learn, but I like to reminisce and think about life sometimes so yeah, here goes..

Always be kind

This seems like something really obvious, but it’s actually quite surprising how many people are so quick to judge and be nasty about someone before even getting to know them. Everyone has things they like to keep to themselves, everyone has their secret battles they’re facing – don’t make it any harder for people. I was bullied all through my school life and the effects it has had on me ever since aren’t okay. As my mum always says, “if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say it at all”.

Good things come to those that work for it

I think I hear the saying “good things come to those who wait” nearly every day. It bothers me so much that people actually believe it’s true and then choose to not try as hard for something, but will then moan when it flops. If you want something, you have to work for it. You’re not in the womb anymore, you’re not 6 anymore. You need to work hard if you want to be successful – and 99% of the time, hard work pays off massively!

Everyone has their bad days

It’s common knowledge that it’s literally impossible to be happy 100% of the time so if someone ignores you, or says something quite snappy, just brush it off. They may be having a bad day and don’t realise they’re being that way due to stress or tiredness or upset. We’ve all been there where we say something we don’t mean when in a bad mood, and it’s totally normal – we’re only human! Forgive and forget!

Don’t let social media control your life

Okay, this may sound a little hypocritical coming from a blogger, but it’s true! When you go on holiday, or go to festivals or whatever you may be doing, it’s always good to step away from social media and look at the world and what’s in front of you. You never know what you may be missing by being glued to your phone screen all day. It’s normal to take photos, and that’s fine, but once you’ve taken a few snaps put your phone away! You can show people your photos when you see them or upload them to social media when you’re home. Experience life.

Don’t feel like you can’t express your emotions

Bottling your emotions up inside can often lead you to feel worse and cause bigger problems. Someone will have felt that emotion before so it’s okay to talk to someone about it without feeling like you’re dumping your problems on them. Whether you talk to your mum, a friend, a doctor – you won’t be wasting their time.

Don’t let money control you

Money can be the root of all evil and get you into some serious pickles. While it can also make you happy. It’s easy to get stressed about money, especially if an emergency crops up and you can end up being a bit short of cash. You need to work to live, not live to work.

Be yourself

It’s so easy to lose track of who we are when being so consumed in other people’s way of living or when in a relationship. You need to be true to who you are so you can stand out and be independent if things don’t go to plan. It’s important to find yourself and love yourself and to be strong independently so you can be completely content. If people don’t like you for who you are then it’s their problem, not yours because someday someone will love you for you.

I hope this is helpful for some of you. Please let me know in the comments some of your life lessons and I will see you again soon! x

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