I’m not going to lie, I’m really excited to write this blog post. Ever since Kylie Jenner released her line of ‘Lip Kits’ back in November I have been trying to get my hands on them. Finally, I got my hands on a couple last month and I was so happy I couldn’t wait to try them out. I remember receiving them on the Saturday morning and I wore them every day for about a week, even if I wasn’t going out!
I managed to get the two shades Posie K and Dolce K which, at the time, where the shades I was most excited to try out. I already have my eye on some more shades, but I’m going to have to wait for a minute.
I’ve seen a lot of negative things said about these kits, but I have nothing but good things to say. The kits are priced at $29 (£20) for the matte lipstick and lip liner to match which, to me, is a really good price – it actually works out cheaper than MAC. I paid around £50 for my two lip kits and delivery, which divided by the (technically) four products, works out at £12.50 an item. I think they’re so worth the money because the products themselves are so good!
As I said, the products are so good. They last so long, don’t flake and aren’t too drying which is perfect when finding a good matte lipstick. I honestly wore this for 9 hours and didn’t need a top up or anything, the only thing I done was reline my lips to make sure they stayed neat although it wasn’t totally necessary. A lot of people have asked about the lipsticks being drying or if they’re flakey and I can safely say no. They’re not drying, they’re not flakey whatsoever. Obviously you may find them drying if you have dry lips or don’t moisturise beforehand, but I get that with any matte lipstick not just these so I’d definitely recommend doing that before applying to prevent it from happening.
I’ll only touch a little of the packaging as it’s been all over my Instagram feed and I know some people are getting sick of it. I really like the packaging. I like the logo of the lips and product dripping, I like the simplicity and minimalistic approach as it’s straight to the point, and I like the fact that you can get an idea of the shade from the packaging too.
The shades themselves are stunning, however I didn’t realise how dark Dolce actually is. The shade it actually came out as I thought would’ve been True Brown, but I still love it nonetheless. Posie is a gorgeous dark pink shade. I rarely ever like pinks on me as I think I suit more brown and neutral tones, but I actually really like it on me. Out of the two I definitely prefer Dolce though because, like I said, I prefer browns on me to pinks.
I done a poll on my Twitter to see whether you guys wanted a make up look for Dolce, Posie, or both & you guys voted for… BOTH! I know you’re probably expecting two different looks entirely, but I thought I’d create a universal look that I think looks great for these two shades, and I also think it’d look great with the others too.For this look is the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette. I took Tease all over my lid and through my crease as my transition colour, then layered on Bootycall over my lid to brighten my eyes. In my crease, to give extra depth, I used a small amount of Suspect just to darken and give emphasis. I wanted the outer corner to be quite dark as smokey eyes look so nice with these shades, so with a small fluffy brush I took Snakebite and blended out with a bigger fluffy brush. I also took this along my lower lash line. To finish off my eyes I applied a pair of Fleur De Force x Eylure 3/4 eyelashes and to connect my real lashed to them I applied a coat of the Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara.

I then applied the rest of my make up as normal; Revlon ColourStay foundation, Collection concealer, Collection contour kit, Revlon blush, Rimmel powder. I’ve recently started using a beauty blender and I definitely think I get a better finish with a beauty blender to a brush. My skin always looks perfected and it’s so quick and easy! I’ve also got a review for the Revlon ColourStay foundation coming up too, so keep your eyes peeled for that!

As of last night’s restock I have Exposed & Candy K on the way too, so I will do some looks with them too when they arrive!

Here’s the finished looks!

Dolce K

Posie K

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