If there’s someone who’s make up I always love, it’s Kylie Jenner’s. So when I couldn’t sleep the other night I had a brain wave of using that time to find some of my favourite Kylie Jenner looks – I found a lot! Kylie always looks absolutely flawless, but let’s be honest it’d be hard not to with the make up artists she does. I wanted to do a make up look again because I’ve really been loving doing them at the moment, so I thought I would talk through how to get this Kylie Jenner inspired look.

Kylie’s skin always looks super flawless so begin by applying primer – I primed my skin twice just to be sure. Once your primer is set, apply foundation using a foundation or buffing brush until totally blended and your skin looks smooth. I love using a buffing brush as I love the finish it gives my skin – completely flawless and fully matte.

I always apply my eyeshadow after foundation so I am able to tidy underneath my eyes with concealer. Start off by applying a orange/brown shade in your crease and blend this out for a few minutes. I used shade 19 from the No7 Ultimate Eye Palette which I wrote a blog post about here. Then cover your entire lid with a matte black shade – I used ‘Blackout’ from Urban Decay Naked 2. Pat this onto your lid and blend with the orange/brown shade in my crease, give yourself some time when doing this so they can be fully blended together. Keep applying the black to your lid, but staying away from the crease, so you create a really dark lid. If you feel like you want to add more orange/brown to your crease and just above the crease this will also look nice and open your eyes a bit more.

Apply your concealer where needed – under eyes & any blemishes that need a bit of extra coverage. To set your foundation and concealer, powder the places you usually find your make up slipping. Kylie always has a very defined jawline and cheekbones so it’s time to get out the contour powder. Apply under your jaw bone to create a shadowed effect, and while pulling a “fish face” do the same to your cheekbones. Finish off your skin with some highlighter on the apples of your cheeks and brow bones.

To complete the look do some strong brows, while still looking natural. Kylie rocks the thick brow look.

And here it is, the finished look:

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