This Kurt Geiger bag is the bag of the Spring. It’s not often I buy a new bag, but when I do I like to make sure it’s perfect. I like my bags to serve me well and I’m also really fussy. I don’t do big bags as I find them such a nuisance and they always end up becoming overly heavy. The biggest I’ll go is around the size of my laptop so it’ll fit for travel convenience. This bag is the perfect size to fit my laptop in, quite snugly too so it doesn’t bash everything else in the bag.

The Kurt Geiger Darla Structured Tote is perfect for finishing off any outfit as it’s so simple and clean. With the sharp edges and structured build, it is a bag you know could be a staple in anyone’s wardrobe. The bag has a long shoulder strap and two shorter straps so you are able to wear it on your shoulder, in the hook of your arm or simply in your hand. I love the finishing touch of the gold carved plate to finish off the clean overall look of the bag. This isn’t a bag that will last a couple of months or rip and tear easily because of the structure of it. It’s a hard bag that won’t lose shape for a long time!

Inside, there is so much room. I able able to fit in everything I need and still have room for more. You have the big compartment which can hold your laptop, notebooks, purse and keys. There is also a smaller pocket inside too which could hold your phone and any small, hard-to-find objects. There’s plenty of room for all that you could possibly need for the day.

On each side there are poppers which enables you to have the choice of it being a more open top or closed. It also has a zip so you don’t need to worry about people peering in or your possessions being of easy access to others.

This bag would look amazing with all kinds of outfits. For this time of year I love pairing it with a jumper, black jeans, black boots and a trench coat. What other reasons could you possibly need for buying this bag; it will last forever, it has plenty of room and it will go with everything!

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