Lashes are a part of my makeup routine that I have a love-hate relationship with. Saying this, I always get super excited to try a new pair out and experiment with different styles. Wearing lashes can really bring the entire face together because natural lashes just don’t quite cut it sometimes. I find lashes – as long as they’re applied well – look nice simply on their own and will still make you look like you’ve put a lot of effort into your makeup even if you haven’t.

I was kindly sent some lashes and nails by KISS Products. I’ll be trying the nails soon and will let you know how I get on with those when I do! I was kindly sent the style ’Shy’ which are a natural looking set of lashes. I wanted to wear these as part of a no-makeup makeup look, so when it was quite hot a couple of days after receiving the lashes I jumped at the chance to do so. They looked so nice on, my lashes still looked natural.

Due to the sort of day I had, I was able to wear these lashes for around 12-13 hours. First off, the application was so easy! The glue that comes with these lashes went tacky a lot quicker than other glues I have used before. I would recommend going over the track line with a tiny bit of eyeliner just to hide it a little better, but that may just be because I had a plain eye. I loved the finish of the lashes and applied only a little mascara to keep them as natural looking as possible.

Like I said, I wore them for a long period of time. During wearing them I completely forgot that I had them on as they were so comfortable. I didn’t need to worry about them falling off at all even in the slight wind that occurred throughout the day. I’d certainly recommend these lashes to anyone that is looking for a natural pair of lashes. However, as natural as they are I definitely think they’d go well with a sexy, date night look too.

Thank you to Ashleigh from Alex Silver PR for this opportunity, it was really fun trying these out!

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Love these lashes they look so pretty and natural Pixie

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