Everyone deserves to love themselves, but there’s often a fear of not wanting to sound cocky or arrogant. However, it’s perfectly fine to love yourself. It’s not something I see enough and it is a huge shame. Why shouldn’t you say when you’re feeling amazing in an outfit? Why should you empower yourself? But, to build yourself up, doesn’t mean to drag people down along the way.

The majority of the time everyone in the blogging community (that I’ve come across anyway) are so lovely and supportive to each other. It’s so heartwarming to receive a compliment from people who really do love your blog. However, you should also be able to say positive things about your own blog too without it coming across arrogant. You’re allowed to say “this blog post is great”. Be your own biggest fan. There is nothing more refreshing than when I see someone really proud and loving what they’re doing.

You have spent your whole life being you. Whether you’re 14, 23, 35 or older, you have been shaping who you are your whole life. Be proud of that, be proud of the fact you are your own work of art. I can understand that not everyone instantly realises that who you are is amazing. Everyone is their own worst critic, but chances are you’re pretty great. Embrace everything you possibly can about yourself. Hips too big? That’s okay. Have a double chin? Don’t we all! It’s okay.

I know this is quite a short post, but I just wanted to let everyone know that you deserve to love yourself. You are perfect the way you are.

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Crazy how this is actually something that needs to be validated but it really does. Females, especially, are criticized so much about every little thing it’s always good to have a little boost every now and then

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