I really love music – it’s one of my favourite things in the world. Although I suck at playing any instrument and have no musical talent myself, I respect those that do a lot. I’m always looking for new bands or artists to listen to – whether they’ve got 10 fans or 10 million fans. Over the last year or so, I’ve found big love for new bands, and rekindling my love for some older bands too. Sharing my favourite bands, and being recommended others favourites is so much fun to me, so here’s what I’ve been listening to recently.

I will link the Spotify pages to each of these artists, so that you can have a mooch if you want to.


Greta Van Fleet

Greta Van Fleet is a band that I was introduced to by Connor. He showed me their song Highway Tune and I was instantly hooked. You can tell straight away that they’re very Led Zeppelin inspired, and Josh’s vocals are insanely good! They finally got signed last year and have blown up so much over the last 12 months. I’m so gutted their London show’s sold out as I REALLY need to see them live. Truthfully, I’ve recommended everyone I speak to to listen to them because they’re so fucking good!



I don’t know anyone that doesn’t like Blossoms that likes the indie / alternative music. Their first album is amazing – I love it so much – and I can’t wait for their new music coming this year. They’re continuing my love for the Manchester music scene, and it helps that they’re pure banter as well. If you follow them, you’ll have seen the mini mock-umentary which had be crying with laughter when I saw it. I love everything about them, there’s no a single song that I skip when they come on. I’m yet to see these guys live too, but I am hoping that this year will be the year with the amount of festivals they’re playing!


Foo Fighters

Let’s be honest, when am I not listening to Foo Fighters? They’re my favourite band in the world, so it’s going to be expected that they’re in here. However, I have been listening to them a hell of a lot at the moment. I recently remembered that I’m seeing them again in June, so I’ve been listening to my playlist of their setlist from September last year. That setlist was so good both times I’ve seen them so far, but September was probably my favourite of the two!


Liam Gallagher

As You Were was my album of 2017 – it was absolutely phenomenal. I’m so gutted I’ve missed out on tickets every time I’ve attempted to get some, but hopefully one day! If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know I’m a huge fan of Oasis, so it was only natural that I was going to love LG’s solo work. His voice is sounding so good at the moment. Let’s cut the shit, he’s just the fuckin’ boy ain’t he? I know opinions on him are 50/50 because people think he’s a dick. But I think he’s great, and I love for the shit he causes on Twitter!



I know these lads are my pals, so I’m going to be a little bias, but I think they’re actually so good. They create electronic / indie music and the vibe is really good. Whenever I see them play I always want to dance. It’s the sort of music that is so chill, but so easy to dance to. I’m forever getting their songs in my head as well – especially Nothing Left because it’s an absolute jam to be honest. I highly recommend checking them out because they deserve to much more recognition, for sure.


Def Leppard

Def Leppard’s full catalog has recently been put on Spotify so it’s made to so easy for me to get listening again. When I was in college I went through a huge classic rock / metal phase. Bands like Def Leppard and Led Zeppelin define my 16-17 year old days, so it’s been so nice rekindling my love for them has been so fun. It helps that Connor loves them too so we can listen together. I love it when the sun’s shining and we’re driving along with some Def Leppard blaring!


These are the bands and artists I’m listening to the most at the moment. I hope you’ve discovered someone new from this. Let me know some bands and artists you’ve been loving and listening to in the comments! I want to discover new music that I may not have heard of before.

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