I’ve recently posted an eyeshadow collection post (hands up if you’ve seen it!). I talked over my whole collection and briefly highlighted ones I loved and ones to use more. In that post I mentioned about doing a top five palettes post so that’s exactly what I’m going to do. I love a lot of eyeshadow palettes. However, if I was told I was only allowed a maximum of five, these would be what I’d choose to keep.


The Balm’s Balm Jovi

The Balm’s Balm Jovi has been a favourite of mine ever since I bought it. Funnily enough, it popped up on Timehop the other day saying I was excited to buy it! It’s been a bit neglected lately as there’s been loads of palettes I’ve been trying. However, it is absolutely beautiful and nothing will change that. The shades in the palette are stunning; deep purples, softer pinks and stand-out metallics. You can make so many looks with this as it as it includes a blush, highlighter and two lip shades too. I’m yet to do a full review on it, but it’ll be here soon.


MAC Burgundy Times Nine

I’ve spoken about this palette a lot in the past, and used it in a lot of looks. The MAC Burgundy Times Nine is perfect for brown smokey eyes. So if you’re a lover of warm tones like me, this is the palette for you! As expected with MAC eyeshadows, they’re really pigmented and blend like a dream. This is probably one of my most used palettes. I’ve become so accustomed to it, I use it if I need a quick look for a girls night out.


Zoeva En Taupe

The En Taupe palette by Zoeva is a stunning nude palette. I often use this for shimmery, subtle looks in the Summer to add more of a glow effect to my face. If you know me well, you’ll be quite surprised that this made the cut. It’s very rare that I appreciate a shimmer eyeshadow as I’m all about those matte shades. However, I appreciate how versatile this palette is as you can use it for so many occasions. The shadows blend together so nicely as well. I always recommend this palette to people that are getting married as it’s perfect for typical bridal makeup.


Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance

How could I be writing a top five palette post and not include this beauty?! Just like everyone, ever, I’ve been obsessed with this since the day I got my hands on it. I have done a full review on this palette, but of course I had to mention it again. Modern Renaissance has no faults to it; I’m constantly using it so that says something itself. I’ve already done so many tutorials with it. I have more that I want to do as well, I just don’t want to bore anyone…


Makeup Revolution Iconic 3

I’ve actually recently done a full review on this palette, so again, I won’t say too much. The Iconic 3 palette had to be in my top five because it is just so good for the price tag. It’s so affordable, costing slightly more than a meal deal, and that is my favourite thing about it. Not only this, but the colour range is beautiful. It’s the perfect drugstore pick if you’re wanting something cheap and cheerful! For the price point, I can’t say anything bad about it. That calls for a winner in my books.


There we have it, my top five eyeshadow palettes that I own. I completely understand that your choices may have been different, but this is just my opinion. I’m intrigued to see if there are any palettes I purchase in the future that knocks any of these off their pedestal. If you was told that you could only keep 5 of your eyeshadow palettes, what would you pick? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear if it’s any different to mine!

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I’ve never heard of Balm Jovi but it’s sooooo pretty! It’s totally on my wish list now.



Lovely picks! I won the Revolution Redemption Palette in a blog competition and I couldn’t believe how good it was. I’m still obsessed with it and it is so affordable.

Yasmin x
The Sweet Seven Five

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