If you’re oily like me, then this is the post for you. I have been trying to tackle and tame my oily skin for the last couple of years – and let me tell you, it’s been a struggle! When I was pregnant with Lana, my skin changed so much it was crazy. I didn’t expect my skin to clear up and go really oily at all. You hear all these stories about your skin breaking out etc, but my skin done the complete opposite. It’s been like it ever since as well – I’ve just been an oily mess.

With my newfound oily skin, I have struggled to find ways to make my makeup last all day or all night long. My makeup just wouldn’t stay on so I had to find new products and a new routine to get my makeup to stay on. It would disappear and fade in different areas, and smudged in others.

It’s been a journey, but I think I’ve finally got it. I’ve finally found the best techniques for long lasting makeup on oily skin. Today, I wanted to share these with you. If you’re struggling with oily skin as well, then I hope this helps! With these techniques, my makeup stays in place all day / night.


Apply Powder With A Sponge

When I used to apply my powder with a brush, it would look amazing at first. However, after a while, it would begin to look cakey as the oil would start to mess with how the foundation and powder sat on my face. I noticed a lot of the ‘beauty gurus’ using their beauty sponge to apply their powder. One day, I decided to do this myself. I’ve now been using this technique for months and have never looked back. It makes my skin look amazing. And because the powder sets into the foundation, not on top of it, it stops the oil making everything look cakey.


Blending & Building Foundation

So, this might sounds mental, but I spend about 10 minutes just blending out my foundation. This is so that I can make sure that it’s spread across my face evenly. The second reason is so that the foundation is pressed into my skin instead of just sat on top. I also use a mattifying foundation so that it prevents oils being noticeable. The finish I get is so nice, and the longevity of it is so much better since I’ve been doing this. I also don’t apply all the foundation I wear straight away, I build it up to what I want so that it’s not too much foundation on my skin.


Setting Spray On Sponge

Another trick when applying foundation, concealer and powder is spraying setting spray on my beauty sponge. Everyone else may recommend a damp blender, but I never felt like this worked for me. However, spraying setting spray on it has made my foundation has given in a nicer finish. This also sets the foundation as it gets applied which then helps it to last longer. It doesn’t effect the formula of the foundation – at least the one I use anyway. I love this technique and can’t apply my foundation without it now.


Setting Spray, Setting Spray, Setting Spray

After applying all of my makeup, I practically drown myself in setting spray. I probably use more than is actually necessary, but I only do it because I know it’s gonna work. Once the setting spray has been applied, I look sweaty due to how much I’ve sprayed on. Once it’s dried down, it just looks as normal. This amount of spray helps keep my foundation put. I don’t spray as much for day time makeup, but for a night out I douse myself in the stuff.


By incorporating these simple steps into my makeup routine, it means that I don’t need to top up throughout the day or night. If I do these things before going on a night out, my makeup still looks great by the time I get home. It does take a little more time by adding these steps in, but nothing too dramatic. It’s also worth it as it means I don’t need to worry about touching up or taking things with me.

I hope you enjoyed my four easy tips for keeping your makeup on for hours. Anyone can do them, there’s no difficult secrets behind them. If you try them, please let me know how you got on!

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So many good tips! I find when I prep my skin really well then my makeup looks way better! also layering creams and powders xxx

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