It’s Spring time, which means the weather is getting nicer and Summer will be here before we know it. It also means I need to dig out all my warm weather clothes! I’m an awkward person when it comes to clothes. I wear mainly all black nearly every day, including when it’s scorching outside. To try and break out of this 6 year habit, I decided to take a look around New Look to see what I could find. Admittedly, some things are still my standard monochrome tasting. However, I definitely felt brave when buying a few of these items.

If you like the look of any of these items I’ll link them at the bottom of the post!

The monochrome jumper above was too nice to not pick up. It’s perfect for this time of year and even for those summer evenings when it starts to get a little nippy. I love the pattern change from white stripes to black stripes (or the other way round depending how you look at it), and the way the direction of the stripes change on the arms. It’s quite lightweight, falls flatteringly, and looks great with a pair of black jeans and boots.


ablogbycharlie New Look Black Pinafore

Again with the monochrome (there is colour coming, I promise!). I feel like this is such a staple piece for anyones wardrobe that is so easy to make into a really simple, but gorgeous outfit. I plan on wearing a short sleeved top underneath and a pair of simple shoes. I’ve never worn culotte legs, so I’m excited to see how they look on me. It’s something that you can dress up for a night out, or dress down to wear day to day.


ablogbycharlie New Look Top

Some colour, finally! This is just a simple orange crop top that will look amazing with some high waisted shorts or a skirt in summer. It’s very lightweight which is perfect for those really hot days that we may or may not get here in the UK. It’s an easy to piece together for an outfit and wearable with pretty much anything!


This is just a very simple, plain white top that is a necessity when it comes to a cool summer top. This will look perfect under the pinafore jumpsuit mentioned above, and also with a pair of high waisted shorts or a skirt. It’s a bit low, so if you’re a bit conscious of cleavage showing then it probably isn’t a great top to purchase. It’s also a little see-through where it’s fairly thin so definitely a white bra only top!

This grey dress is such so simple and plain, but I really think that you’d be able to make some really nice outfits with this depending on how you style and accessorise it. I think with the white top underneath and simple silver accessories and some simple shoes it’d make a really lovely outfit for a meal or drinks with friends or family. I’m really excited to wear this, it’s a little fitted so I think I’ll wait for my baby belly to go down a little more before doing so though!

I love this top! I very nearly bought it in the black, but I kicked myself to get the pink instead because I promised myself to get more colour in my wardrobe! This top is so flattering on the boobs, and accentuates them with the ruffle. It’s quite thin, which a lot of New Look tops seem to be for summer, but as long as you wear a light bra then that shouldn’t be a problem. I think this will look so pretty with a pair of shorts and some nice white sandals.

Unfortunately I can’t find the link for this, which is a shame because this is what caught my eye to shop in New Look in the first place. It’s a gorgeous stripe culotte jumpsuit that has a belt to accentuate the waist. I like the downward stripe as I think it’s quite slimming and flattering when synching in your waist. The button up front also appealed to me more so than a zip as it adds a bit more detail and interest to the outfit.

I actually bought a couple of these tops. They’re really lightweight and flowy so I thought they’d be perfect for working out – especially in the heat. Also, think they add a bit of style to casual wear. You could wear these with a pair of jeans and trainers and it’d look really nice.

I love this top, however I feel like it’s crazily thin and I’d probably have to wear it over something else. Other than that, it’s a staple roll neck top that will be able to be paired with pretty much anything and be stylish.

This black top is super cute! I’m so gutted I can’t find the link for you. You might not be able to see the detailing along the neckline, but there’s a nice little crotchet style pattern which is what made me love this top. I did want to get it in a colour for summer, but they didn’t have my size unfortunately so I was stuck with black (queue sarcastic ‘oh no’ now). I’ll be pairing this with either a pair of leggings or shorts depending on how hot it gets here.

I bought this because it’s the kind of style that will go with anything. Shorts, jeans, skirt, you name it and it’ll go with it. It’s a bit thicker than the others so this will also be good in winter over another top, but also on its own in the summer.

This top is my favourite out of all the tops I bought. It’s so pretty and floaty, it’s perfect for this time of year! I love the embroidered pattern and the cut out shoulders. It looks amazing with some black jeans, but will look good with shorts when the weather is warmer. I know it’s black and white, but it was too pretty not to purchase! Again, I’m really sorry, but I can’t find this on the website either! *sad face*

Finally, last, but not least, I bought these culottes! I’ve never worn anything like these. I’ve always liked how they’ve looked on other people, though, so I thought I’d pick them up. I love how floaty they are and I feel like they’re perfect for warmer weather. They’re not restricting and the material isn’t clingy. The vertical stripes give the illusion of being thinner and they’re a bit high waisted which also elongates the legs. I can’t wait to wear these in the summer!

So there you have it, my super long New Look haul. If you managed it until the end then congratulations to you! I hope you enjoyed the post and that it’s given you an idea of what’s out there ready for the warm weather!

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