In case you missed it, Lana turned 6 months old this week. That’s right, a whole 6 months has gone since I managed to perform the art of childbirth… It also means that she will be going into her next load of clothes soon, so being the person that I am spent maybe a bit much on buying her all new clothes for Autumn & beginning of Winter. I really like the bits I’ve purchased from various stores so I thought I would share them with you. As always, I’ll link as much as I can.



I’ll start with my favourite shop, Next. I love Next clothing for kids. This season was absolutely beautiful so when I went in there a few weeks ago I couldn’t resist getting a few bits. Honestly, I almost bought the whole shop because it’s so lovely. My favourites from here are the embroidered top and the blue bomber jacket. It’s so cool and cute, it’ll look amazing with a roll neck top and some grey leggings!

Cream Fleece Jumper

Navy, Pink, Green and Yellow T-Shirts Four Pack

Charcoal/Stripe Roll Neck Tops Two Pack

Blue Embroidered Love Sleeve T-Shirt

Blue Bomber Jacket



Tesco actually does some really lovely pieces in their children wear. Their dresses and coats are lovely right now, again, I needed to stop myself from going overboard. The white quilted dress with lace detailing is gorgeous, I can’t wait to put Lana in it! It’s a potential Christmas outfit depending if it’s ruined before then. I did buy two white tops without realising so I may have to dye one of them with one of my Dylon dyes I was kindly sent. I can’t pick a colour though so I may do a poll on Twitter.

Heart And Striped Jacquard Smock Dress




To be totally honest, I’m not in love with H&M for Lana’s clothes. However, I did buy a couple of bits in H&M Kids in Brighton because they had much nicer stuff than here in Portsmouth. I love the shoes especially out of these things. The polo dress is also a huge hit with me even if it’s not quite Fred Perry.

Pink Chelsea Boots

Pink Bodysuit With A Collar

Gap Kids


Gap Kids isn’t somewhere I shop often, but I was passing and there was a sale so how could I not have a look? It’d be rude not to. The dress is so cute, I love the pink it is because it’s not too muted, but also not in your face. It’ll look gorgeous with some white leggings and the shoes from H&M. I did buy some jeans too which have a little bit of patch work on. My favourite piece from here has to be the pale pink collared vest. Look at that detailing on the collar!! It’s absolutely stunning!

Pink Bodysuit With Collar



Finally, I picked up a few bits from M&Co. The colours of these pieces are very Autumnal so perfect for this time of year. I’m very excited to put the jumper dress at the back on Lana as it came with some burgundy leggings which creates a look that’s so nice! I don’t think to look in M&Co often, but they actually have some really nice stuff in there so I’ll definitely have to look more in future.

Bunny Frill Hem Top

Bunny Sweater and Leggings Set

So that’s some of Lana’s Autumn / beginning of Winter wardrobe. She’s got more style than me! My next mission is to find a gorgeous Christmas outfit if the white quilted dress doesn’t work out. I can’t wait to put her in all these clothes, they’re definitely some of the nicest things I’ve bought for her yet!

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