I have another haul for you guys, but this time it’s a baby haul. I hit the Boxing Day sales with Connor and we bought some bits for L when she arrives! I thought I’d show you some of the bits we bought and hopefully you like some too! Most of the items were in the sale and may not be the price I have shown, I will mark these with a *.

Next have some amazing stuff in at the moment. I went in there on Boxing Day to take a nose at the sales because they always have the most amazing sales! I bought bigger sizes as that’s all they had left which was a huge shame as I wish they had stuff for when she first arrives, but at least she’ll have some nice bits for the Summer and Autumn next year already!

*Brown Booties (3-6months) – £7

*Yellow Leggings (6-9months) – £1
*Set of Pink & Cream Leggings (3-6months) – £3
*Woodland Animal Dress (3-6months) – £6.50
*Woodland Animal Top (3-6months) – £3.50
*Grey Playsuit (9-12months) – £6
*3x Dribble Bibs (one size) – £3.50
*3x Dribble Bibs (one size) – £3.50
I went into Mothercare not really knowing what to expect, I just knew I wanted to get the rest of her vests done so I can focus on outfits from now on. Getting her vests done proved to be quite easy as they had boxes upon boxes as I walked in of packs of vests for a fraction of the original price. They also had a few other bits and bobs like shoes and hats that I couldn’t resist picking up because they were also absolute bargains!

*5x Polka Dot Short Sleeve Vests (up to 3 months) – £8
*5x Heart Theme Long Sleeve Vests (tiny baby) – £2
5x Mummy & Daddy Theme Short Sleeve Vests (up to 3 months) – £12
*5x Blue Floral Theme Long Sleeve Vests (up to 1 month) – £6
*5x Pink Floral Theme Long Sleeve Vests (up to 1 month) – £6
*5x Rocket Theme Short Sleeve Vests (tiny baby) – £2

*2x Hats (3-6months) – £1
*3x Scratch Mits (3-6months) – £1
*Cloud Moses Basket Sheet – £2.49
*Pink Polka Dot Pram Shoes (size 2) – £3
*2x Soft Shoes with Fur Inside (newborn) – £3
*2x Soft Shoes (newborn) – £3
Converse Pink & White Socks (0-6 months) – £10
I don’t mind Tesco clothing, I’m not gonna lie. I think they do some really lovely stuff and I like taking a quick browse around the baby isles to see what there is. I’ve found some really nice bits in there lately and thought I’d share them with you. There’s also a couple of bits on the boring mumsy side of things like spoons – they’re shaped like aeroplanes, how could I not buy them!?

*Yellow Floral Dress (6-9months) – £5

*Floral Dress with Stripy Top (up to 3 months) – £7
*Black & White Dress (6-9months) – £7
*’Pretty Little Me’ Set (3-6months) – £5
3x Tights (0-6months) – £5
*Tommee Tippee Aeroplane Spoons – £2.50
2x Moses Basket Sheets – £5
*Submarine Bath Toy – £5

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