Writer’s block is something that every blogger experiences. That’s not to say writer’s block is exclusive to bloggers – I get it even when writing a text! It gets frustrating sometimes because you can have it all planned out and for some reason you still struggle with where to start! Here’s how I overcome writer’s block in the different times I can experience it when writing my blog…

So to begin with you need to come up with ideas for what you’re going to be writing about and how often you post. I post every day so it can be challenging sometimes to plan a post every day without repeating yourself or doing the same thing twice. I start off by making a list of the post ideas I like the sound of (make up looks, hair styles, A-Z’s, etc) to get as many ideas written down as possible. I will then organise this on to a day-to-day plan so I know what date each post will go up, it’s then down to me to make sure I get them up on time. This plan isn’t set in stone, but it gives me a blog post if I get stuck writing another or a post is taking a while to write.

I only write when I’m in the mood to get things done. I feel like this is the best time as my content is a lot better and I can get things done a lot quicker. If I try to write a blog post when I’m not really feeling it, I tend to overthink what I’m writing and it isn’t as free flowing as it should be. By writing when I want to I find it a lot easier to write what I want to write without making silly mistakes and I don’t get writer’s block as I am “in the zone”.

By writing when I’m in the mood it can mean that I put a lot of pressure on myself to get a lot done in a short space of time, but when I’m not in the mood to write, I take some images from blog posts that I know are coming up. That way when it comes to writing I am doing only the writing as the images will already be ready to be used.

I only write about things I want to write about too so that I find writing a chore. I love writing my blog, and that’s only because I love what I’m writing about!

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These tips are so good – I don't usually post daily, but planning my BLOGMAS 2015 posts has been so hard lately, I'm sure these tips will really help me!

Love & Hugs
Frances xoxo



These are great tips, thanks for sharing!

xo, Liz

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