It’s fair to say I’m at a stressful point of my life. I’m expecting my first child, I work full time and I have bills that need to be paid. Things can sometimes get a bit overwhelming with work, feeling like I can’t get away from it because of worrying about deadlines or how I can fix an issue. The anxiety that revolves around pregnancy is pretty self explanatory; how will things work out, how will I pay for everything, etc. and this also comes with appointments and illness meaning I have had miss some work, which makes me panic about deadlines more. I do work from home if I have an ill day though, so I don’t worry so much then. Stress is all about rationalising and balancing every thing.

 Sometimes I dive into old habits of snowballing my thoughts which will lead me to worrying to the point that my anxiety starts to play up. It can cause me to lose sleep, lose or gain appetite, and feel anxious a lot of the time. I do tend to run away with my thoughts when I’m stressed as I’ll worry about one thing and start to think it will cause further worries and start to worry about things that haven’t happened yet.



There are different ways I find helpful to calm down and overcome my stress. I like to write about the problems. That way it puts things into perspective – especially if my stress is about money. I will add things going out, coming in and other expenses and soon begin to realise that I am causing myself unnecessary stress. It’s something so simple, but so effective. Keeping a thoughts diary also helps so you can notice patterns about when you become stressed, or what can trigger the stressful thoughts. By writing down your emotions and thoughts you’re venting without realising it, and when you read it back you’ll have a clearer and more level mind and will realise where you went wrong.



Another way I will try to help my stress levels is I will try to get an early night or have a lay in if possible. Once I have caught up on sleep a little more and I’m not as tired, I am able to think a lot clearer about my problems. I will also cut down on artificial sugars, which contribute to the feeling of tiredness if you over indulge. I find I feel more fresh and can think straight once I have a good sleep and feel awake afterwards.



I also find a good ol’ pamper session helps. It relaxes you and helps to take your mind off of things, even for a while. Once you have calmed down and relaxed a bit it is a lot easier to think clearly. A clear mind is amazing so that you don’t begin to snowballing. Have a nice bubble bath and face mask, sit back and watch your favourite rom-com. Everything will seem much more normal once you’ve relaxed and taken a step back.



It’s always been recommended to me that I exercise when feelings of stress kicks in to release ‘happy hormone’. Maybe try doing a work out DVD, going for a run or simply doing star jumps. Any form of exercise that gets your heart beating a bit faster will help.

I hope these tips help. There are other ways of dealing with stress like talking to someone etc. However, I wanted to suggest things you could do alone or with someone. Of course, some people don’t like to talk to people about their worries.

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