Getting the perfect Instagram theme is something that I can’t quite get the hang of, I just can’t get my photos to be the same shades. Honestly, how do these Instagram famous people do it?! Teach me your ways, damn it! I’ve totally given up the hopes of having a theme and instead I post photos of products and things I’m using and loving at the moment. It’s really not that exciting, but it’s as close to a theme as I’m going to get.

I take my photos using a simple white bed sheet and use natural light from my living room windows. I take all my photos on my phone (iPhone 5c still!), but I do want to start using my camera soon as they’ll be a lot better quality. I often get asked how I edit my photos to get them crisp and clear. I don’t do much to them as the lighting is often perfect for what I want and the colours usually stand out naturally too.

I use an app called VSCO Cam as they have a lot of preset filters which are all beautiful, and a lot of add ons too. I use three of these filters, then go on to some extra editing afterwards. I have the Vibrant filters add on which gives me three filters that really makes the colours pop. The first filter I apply is C2 at level 6 instead of 12. This can be adjusted by tapping a second time on the selection. I then apply A4 at level 3 and then HB2 at level 6. With these effects it gives a frosty effect without being too darkening. It really makes the white background stand out against the contrast of the products I’m taking the picture of.

I then go on the editing tools and add an exposure level of around 2-3 depending on how much is needed and how much detail gets lost. I then add about 1-2 contrast, 1-2 saturation and lower the temperature by 1-2 to make the whiteness stand out a bit more. That’s it! It literally takes a couple of minutes and it’s so simple and effective!

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Thanks for sharing this Charlie! My Instagram feed needs to be coherent but I just cant get the colors right. Will give this a try!

Chel x


You're welcome! Hope it works for you. If you're looking to whiten your background any further try the whitening tool on FaceTune 🙂 -Charlie x

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