I like things. I like having things around me to look at, to touch, to remember special memories. Well, my bedroom slowly, but surely started to get suffocating and overloaded with pointless crap that is really unnecessary. I began to get agitated and felt like I couldn’t bare to be in my room. I lost sleep because my mind wouldn’t rest easily and I laid wide awake for hours on end until I finally managed to drift off.

It’s a chore that I really didn’t want to do, and many put off their Spring cleans until it’s practically Summer. I think I was one of the early birds this year. Thanks to the crazy pregnancy instincts I began gradually sorting my things out in January. Yes, it’s taken nearly two months to finally be happy with how much I have, how much I’ve chucked out and how much I’m able to put off doing so I can chill out for a while.

There’s a book called ‘The Life-Changing Magic Of Tidying’ which I’d planned on getting as apparently it literally is magic as given away in the title. However, I changed my mind at the last minute as I suddenly thought ‘why should a book make me get my life together, why can’t I just do it anyway?’. That’s exactly what I did, I got my things together and decided to chuck out everything that wasn’t necessary or I had to think about why I was keeping.

How to know you should get rid of something:

  • You’re not sure where you got it from
  • You didn’t realise you had it
  • You don’t feel anything for it
  • You haven’t used it in the last month
By sticking to these four simple rules, I’ve managed to half (if not more) my things and I can safely say I don’t miss anything that has been gotten rid of. I went around my bedroom probably five times before I managed to get rid of everything I have, and I still want to do it again, but I’m going to wait for my new furniture before doing so as it would mean doing it twice which is simply not needed.
After decluttering I honestly feel so much more at ease and the phrase ‘tidy life = tidy mind’ seems so much clearer now. I feel a lot more relaxed in my surroundings and I’m sleeping so much better now – maybe too well. Honestly, my best advice to anyone that is having problems with being able to relax or you’re anxious, then have a good Spring clean. I feel like it’s made such a difference to my attitude, mind set and well being.

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