So today is my birthday. That’s right, I’m no longer a teenager and I feel old. Being 30 weeks pregnant there’s not a great deal I can do to celebrate, but I’m sure a day with Connor and an evening with the girls and my chums will be perfect without the alcohol and embarrassing memories!
Being 20 is a lot like being like 19 – I mean a birthday is really just another day – but there’s something about turning another year older that I find quite anti-climatic. It’s only when I look back on the past year that I realise how much I’ve grown. Mentally and physically!
I have had a blast in the past year, and now I’m growing and learning new things every day and I’m sure the next year will also entail a lot of happy and wonderful things. Being 20 is going to be great and I’m going to make sure it’s yet another year of happiness, love and kindness.
Thanks for a great year 19-year-old-me, now it’s 20-year-old-me’s turn!

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