So I had a Christmas Meal to go to on Friday and I decided I’d show you what I did to prepare for going out!

I began by running a lovely hot bath, and used a Lush bath bomb. I chose to use Fizzbanger as it chills me out good and proper. I chilled out in the bath for a while with Youtube on in the background as usual. I was running late so I didn’t spend too long in the bath, and I also washed my hair the day before so I saved time on that. I never wash my hair the day of going out because it’s too soft to do anything with, I prefer washing it the day before.

Once I got out the bath I dried myself off and got into my fluffy pink dressing gown so I didn’t get too hot when doing my make up. I also hadn’t decided on what to wear so I needed to think about it while doing my make up. I did a simple make up look that would go with anything I decided to wear. I done my every day make up, with a soft brown in my eyelid crease and blend out to define it a little more.

After make up, it was the almighty task of picking what to wear. I simply went for a khaki Primark dress that it quite fitted. It’s strange how I now feel confident wearing a dress that’s quite fitted, wheres before I was pregnant I wouldn’t have even bat an eyelid in the shop and walked straight past it! I wanted to wear my Missguided lace up heels with gold chain detail on, but I couldn’t find them anywhere. So without wanting to get more stressed I opted for a pair of black chelsea boots instead – probably the more sensible option too!

Once I finished getting ready, I simply brushed my teeth and I was ready to leave! Easy really when I look back and no need to get stressed at all…

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