It’s coming up to that time of year where friends and family want to cram in seeing each other all within the three days before Christmas. Sometimes it’s just not possible, so myself and my girlfriends all arranged for an evening to celebrate our very own Christmas!
We sorted out Secret Santa because we liked the idea of being able to spend a bit more on one person than less on all 5 other girls we’d be buying for. We set the task of a ¬£20 limit to buy some gifts for our selected person, which for me was quite easy. I have a set guide sort of thing where I know the sort of gifts I want to buy; novelty, useful, sentimental and something tailored to that person.
The night began by all meeting up at Shannon’s place to do presents and have a couple of drinks before heading to the pub. We all sat by the Christmas tree to do our presents and it was so lovely and felt so festive! We headed off to the pub for a couple before I went home while the girls continued their night by heading out.
This was such a lovely evening to do with them, and it was so nice to catch up and have a laugh with them all. I love them all to pieces and wish them all a lovely lovely Christmas!

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