I went to Brighton last month and finally went to Bill’s after hearing so much good stuff about it. I was really excited to eat here because everyone goes crazy over it and I’ve heard great things about their pink lemonade (addicted).

After a long day of walking around Brighton non-stop, this is exactly what I needed. I had arrived around 10:30 for a full day of shopping and finally sat down for a nice meal with my boyfriend around 5:30 that afternoon.

It’s the first time I’d ever been and didn’t know what the inside looked like or what to expect. I walked inside and it was so rustic and boho; I instantly fell in love with the style and general feel of the restaurant.

We sat down and had a look at the range of food and drinks and was surprised by the variety. It was so difficult to pick anything because everything sounded so good. We settled on sharing some of their Spiced Tortilla Chips as a starter. They were really lovely and the sauces were gorgeous. Not too filling for a starter, which I liked. I hate starters that fill you up before you have your main because it ruins your whole meal.

Onto the main course, I found it so hard to choose because everything sounded delicious. I decided to go for Bill’s Half Piri Piri Chicken with Bill’s Sweet Potato Fries. Now, their chicken was so good. There was so much flavour and the sauce that came with it just added to that. I usually find chicken on the bone a huge turn off because I usually end up giving up and picking it up with my hands like KFC, but it was really easy to get off the bone. The food wasn’t greasy at all which was an even bigger bonus!

I feel like the sweet potato fries need their own paragraph because they were so good, but I can’t stress enough how good they are into words so you’re just going to have to try them for yourself. They were amazing.

I decided not to have a pudding because I was already full and didn’t want to ruin the meal by then eating more and making myself feel sick, but I will definitely be trying one next time I’m there again.

Their pink lemonade is out of this world. I am addicted to pink lemonade, I have at least one of the Lucozade bottles a day because I am that obsessed at the moment. I had Bill’s pink lemonade and instantly fell in love. It’s so refreshing and not too sweet. I ended up buying two of the big bottles they sell to bring home with me.

I would 100% recommend anyone that enjoys good food and pleasant dining experience to go to Bill’s when in Brighton. (There are other locations, but I’ve only been to the Brighton restaurant). The food is excellent, the atmosphere is great and the staff are so so lovely.

Don’t worry if you have an allergy, many of Bill’s dishes are easily adjustable to suit you – just let a member of staff know.

To know more information about Bill’s, to find other locations, and to look at their menus, please head over to their website.

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