We all think about drinking more water in our daily lives because it’s something so simple that can make a huge difference. Experts recommend 8 glasses of water a day is the perfect amount, but somehow this seems so impossible. 8 glasses of wine in an evening with the girls? Consider it done.

If you read my goals for this year, you’ll know that to drink more water was one of my biggest aims. I thought about doing it slowly because I’ve heard about people getting really withdrawn when giving up sugary things straight up. I looked on the app store to find any apps that would encourage me to do so. I found two apps; My Water and Water Log.

I would recommend either to anyone thinking about wanting to drink more water. I prefer Water Log due to them having “challenges” which means you drink your daily recommended amount for 7, 14, 30 or 60 days. This is really good as it pushed me to reach these goals within the first week of having the app on my phone. The 7 day challenge is really good, I’m half way through my second time doing it.

Honestly, I have felt such an amazing difference in myself. Already in a few weeks I could feel myself not as tired as I was. I was a lot more energetic and awake all day and wanted to get more done. I also wanted to change a lot of what I was eating. I began feeling really healthy simply by drinking my recommended amount of water, which is strange as it’s something I should’ve been doing anyway.

My hair feels a lot healthier and my skin is definitely a lot better too. I suffer from quite dry skin, and I have done all my life. I suffered really badly with eczema when I was younger and I still get repercussions. This is something that has been a bit of an issue throughout pregnancy, but I have managed to stay on top of it. By drinking water I’ve noticed a huge difference in it. It’s become dryer (which it always does before getting better), and is a lot less irritable too.

There are many different benefits to switching to drinking water. It’s hydrating, it makes you feel more awake, makes your body feel a lot better and it’s a great way to detox and lose a couple of pounds. I recommend downloading the apps mentioned and just giving it a go. You can thank me later!

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