Earlier in the week I asked if the people of Twitter wanted to see a time lapse of me getting ready for a night out. It was my friend’s 21st at the weekend and a huge group of us went to Bournemouth. So many people responded saying they wanted me to do the time lapse! I was really happy as it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while. I decided on a sunset vibe look as my dress was blue, and I loved it!!

This look was meant to be bright, but it wasn’t going how I wanted. However, I’m still really happy with how this turned out. I’ll talk this through step by step, including face makeup too as I used some different products. If you want to see me creating this look, there’s a video at the bottom!

  1. I used my Rimmel London Professional Eyebrow pencil for my eyebrows
  2. To prep my lids I covered with some concealer to cancel out any colour and then set with translucent powder
  3. I took Tempera (Modern Renaissance) all over my lid up to my brow bone to really make sure everything was set and ready
  4. For my crease / transition shade I took some Golden Ocre (MR) and buffed that out seamlessly to give the effect of a natural shadow
  5. To get my crease even more deep and start building colour, I took Burnt Orange and Realgar (MR) and created a deep crease and blended till my hands hurt!
  6. To deepen the outer corner I took Embark from my MAC Burgundy Times Nine palette and created a wing liner effect and buffed this out while keeping that effect
  7. I then took Burnt Orange (MR) on it’s own all over the lid and blended everything all together to make it one
  8. Off camera, I added my wing liner. I used the Bourjois Liner Pinceau Eyeliner because it’s SO black and I love the tip of it
  9. For my foundation, I actually tried out a new one for the first time. It’s the Maybelline Fit Me Matte & Poreless Liquid Foundation. I applied 2 layers because I was going out, but one was great for every day wear
  10. My concealer was, obviously, the Collection Lasting Perfection in shade Fair
  11. To bake my under-eyes and set my face I used the MUA Skin Define Matte Loose Powder all over – A LOT
  12. Of course, for my contour, I used my trusty Hoola Bronzer on the cheeks, temples and jaw line
  13. I used Rockateur for my blusher, mixed with an MUA blusher called Marshmallow (it’s £1!!)
  14. My highlight (can we just take a moment to respect that glow) was a mixture of Saphyre from Alchemist Palette and Golden Lights by Makeup Revolution
  15. To quickly finish off my eyeshadow I used The Stroke from Balm Jovi for a pop of blue on the lower lash line
  16. I then applied my lashes and lipstick off camera because I didn’t want to risk fucking everything up. My lashes are Eylure Exaggerate No.141 & my liquid lipstick was my Sephora one in Chai Latte

Don’t forget to watch the video below and maybe subscribe on YouTube if you want to see more!

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