This is something I haven’t seen too much of. I’m not going to sit here and start taking credit because it’s definitely been done before, but it’s not something as common as a cut crease. Or maybe it is and I’m out the loop – who knows? I recently tried contouring with blush and I’ve fallen in love with it ever since. It’s the perfect thing for Summer, and more people definitely need to be doing it.

Contouring is great. I love the fact I can create cheekbones and a jawline with a swipe of a brush. My go-to is typically Benefit Hoola, but I sat down a while ago and pulled a blush out instead. I’m not sure what made me do it, I was simply feeling wild. I wanted to go for something I thought would look quite natural so I pulled out a peachy toned blush. The blush in particular is the Loreal True Match Blush in 160 Peach. Obviously, I applied it in the usual contouring areas, and loved the way it was looking instantly.

My only advice that I can’t stress enough is to apply a small amount at a time! Contouring with blush is a risky business as you can easily look very red/orange/pink depending on which shade of blush you’re using. It’s also a little time consuming because you have to work carefully, but the result is worth it I think. It’s the classic saying of “you can always add, but never take away”. This blush shade makes my skin look really glowy and a bit bronzy. I actually think I prefer using it like this than an actual blush.

I also know what you’re thinking; “won’t I look super orange or pink doing this?”. As I mentioned, yes, you can do if you apply too much. You can end up with a slight red or orange undertone. However, to counteract this I did take a small amount of Hoola over the top of where I applied the blush. This was just to ensure it didn’t look ridiculous in photos when flash was on. By applying this, it does tone it back slightly, giving it that more natural shadow look.

I personally adore the finish of this ‘trend’ or technique. As someone that it relatively pale, I love that it adds more colour to my cheeks and gives me a ‘healthy’ look. It’s not too intense, but you could build it up to be quite intense if you’re wanting to experiment for a festival. With Summer right around the corner, I’m glad I’ve tried it because it’s going to be a must for me.

Let me know how you feel about the idea of using blush for contouring! Are you going to be attempting this look in the Summer? I can’t wait to be doing this all Summer long.

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I’ve never tried contouring but always wish I would cause it looks amazing, I think the blush really brings it out! Your make up look amazing with it!xxx

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