Welcome to my first makeup look blog post of the year! I’ve been so excited to share this colourful spotlight eye with you as I personally think this is my favourite look ever. I’m so overly happy with how it turned out, so I apologise in advance if I sound like I’m tooting my own horn. Be sure to let me know in the comments what you think of this look – are you loving it as much as me?

With this look I experimented a lot with different palettes. However, you don’t need these palettes or use the shades I have. You can find similar shades in palettes you already own, or use completely different colours in general. It’s entirely up to you how you want to create a look like this!

My base makeup is mostly the same for this look once again so I’ll stick to talking about the eyes. Let me know if you like the just eyes process, or if I should start talking about base again too.


How To

  1. First and foremost, you need a clean eyeshadow base. I popped a bit on concealer on the lid, blend this out, and set with some translucent powder. Any kind of eyeshadow base will also be fine.
  2. The key with this look is start with a little and add. You can always add, but never take away. I start creating my transition shade by using M.F.E.O. from the Morphe X Jaclyn Hill palette and building the colour up a bit.
  3. To build up this transition shade, I slowly started to add Butter while blending M.F.E.O. through the crease.
  4. I kept building on this colour and wanted to get an orange shade just above the crease. Taking the third shade (bright orange) from the NYX Cosmetics Ultimate Brights palette, I continued to build this colour until it was the way that I wanted it.
  5. To keep this blended, during each step I will take a clean makeup brush and go over the edges so that it gets rid of any harsh lines.
  6. Starting on the darker shades for the inner and outer corner, I take the fourth shade (deep purple) from the NYX Brights palette and begin to pack this on in the outer parts of my eyelid.
  7. I also use a small amount of Royalty from the Jaclyn Hill palette so deepen it. However, I don’t use too much as I don’t want it to become super shimmery.
  8. Once you’re happy with the amount of purple, take a fluffy brush and swipe any excess purple through the crease between each corner.
  9. To really enhance the spotlight effect, I carved out the centre of my lid with some concealer to make sure I got a really clean base for the shimmer.
  10. For the shimmer spotlight colour, I mixed two shades so that I could create the perfect silver / pink. I took a mixture of Little Lady (Jaclyn Hill palette) and Metal-ica (Balm Jovi palette).
  11. It was so stunning I used this as inner corner highlight and brow bone highlight too.
  12. I reflected each of these steps on my lower lash line to keep the spotlight eye theme going.
  13. To finish off, I applied a layer of my Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir mascara. Then topped that off with some Oh Your Lash lashes in style Milan.


For my highlight, I tried out my recently bought Sleek Solstice palette. I used the pink powder shade to compliment the eyes. It’s such a blinding highlight and I’m now fully on this hype thing. It honestly took this look from 0-100 in a quick second.

I really hope you like this look because I thoroughly enjoyed creating it. If you’d like to see more colourful looks like this, please let me know or like this blog post. Be sure to tag me on Instagram or Twitter if you recreate this or use this for inspiration. I’d love to see your interpretations!

ablogbycharlie Colourful Spotlight Eye look. Morphe x Jaclyn Hill. The Balm Balm Jovi. NYX Cosmetics Ultimate Brights Palette.

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this looks gorgeous! I love a pink halo eye, so pretty and perfect for day and evening time xx

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