I’ve created a couple of make up looks that use golden colours on the eye, so I fancied creating a different one today. I’ve been introducing more colour into my clothing lately so why not my eyeshadow!?

I used W7 In The Night palette to create this look as I love the burgundy colour in there and it isn’t too shimmery. These palettes are very affordable so this is a look that is really easy to create. I used cellotape to help line the edge of the eyeshadow to give it a sharp edge. I done this by simply lining it up with my bottom lash line and continued the angle.

1. Take the shade ‘Laura E’ across the whole lid and to the edge of the cellotape.

2. Take ‘Bologna’, the black shade, up the edge of the cellotape and along the upper lash line like an eyeliner.

3. Using ‘Bologna’ again, create a line in the crease and blend slightly, but not so much you lose the line. Connect this with the tip of the ‘cat eye’ line and blend towards the eyelid a little.

4. I took ‘Laura E’ along the lower lash line, but this is optional. I also added ‘Dusty’ to the inner corner of my eye to brighten it up, but this is also optional.

Here’s the finished look:

I feel like my right eye turned out nicer than my left, but overall I really like this look.

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