I have been wanting to create a look with this mini Smashbox palette for a while now, but after the first delivery not actually turning up and having to wait for a replacement it’s taken a bit of time!

I love this Smashbox Mini Double Exposure palette. It’s got my favourite shades from the full size palette all compact into a smaller palette so it couldn’t be better in my eyes!

I really like the mauve / purple look for Christmas, especially with a black or grey dress to add a bit of colour to the outfit. This eyeshadow look simply took three shades from the palette; Quartz, Midnight & Copper. It is really easy to recreate and can be done quite quickly too.

1. On your eyelid, pack on a lot of Quartz to give a bright shade and shimmer to the lid. Quartz is a beautiful pink shimmer and looks amazing against the later shades.

2. Take Copper in the outer V of the crease and onto the outer third of your eyelid and blend thoroughly with Quartz using a blending brush. This doesn’t need to be too deep, it’s just to darken the edges slightly. Copper is a purpley / copper shade that also has shimmer to it so it works wonderfully with Quartz.

3. To contour the crease of your lid, take a small amount of Midnight into the outer V and half way along the crease. This brings out the purple tone to Copper. Make sure this is blended extremely well, and it should give a cat eye effect. If you want to accentuate the cat eye effect feel free to use a liquid eyeliner along the top lashes.

I kept the inside of the eye bright and didn’t use anything on the lower lash line to make the eyes seem a lot more awake and open. I also used a lot of mascara to make my eyelashes look fake and keep the impact on the eyes.

To finish off the look I would suggest a deep red, matte or gloss finish is fine. A deep purple shade would also look really nice against the eyes.

If you try this make up look out make sure you send me your photos. Don’t forget, if there’s a look you’d like me to do then send me the images via Twitter.

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