For Christmas Eve I enjoy giving myself a good little pamper so I feel refreshed the next morning! I don’t often do a full on pamper session. I find that it can make me break out more because I’m applying so much stuff to my face. My skincare routine is very simple  anyway because I find I’m just naturally lucky and very rarely get spots or breakout, so if this ‘pamper’ seems like not a lot to you then that’s why!

To begin with I run a bath and pop in a Lush product depending on what mood I’m in. I will relax for a while with some candles lit and either music or some Youtube playing in the background. Once I feel adequately relaxed I then wash myself down and exfoliate my face. I use the Simple Skin Care range for my skin because I find it just works amazing at such an affordable price as well. I’ve never had better skin since I switched all my skincare products to Simple. I also very highly doubt don’t think I will ever need to switch to something different.

Once I am all washed and changed I will then go on to wash my hair. Now I wash my hair over the bath, but apparently this is weird. Anyone else? I use Aussie on my hair because it had repaired and kept my hair it’s best. A year ago my hair would matte up a lot due to bleach pigments still being in my hair when I dyed it again, and it has taken so long to get my hair back to a healthy state, all thanks to Aussie!

I always leave my hair to dry naturally. I never use a hair dryer any more to stop heat damage, same reason I don’t straighten my hair anymore. Now it’s healthier I’ll probably start straightening it again, but I don’t see the point in me blow drying my hair because it doesn’t go frizzy or knotted if I don’t. While leaving my hair to dry I pop on a face mask, and I’m using the Mask Of Magnaminty at the moment as it makes my skin really soft and glowy. I usually leave this on for around 10 minutes so I use that time to clean my make up brushes so I have a clean set to use especially for Christmas Day. I use the No7 Make Up Brush Cleanser, and you can read all about how I clean my brushes here.

Now that my brushes are clean and my face is refreshed, I chill out for a bit with a Christmas film on while cosied up on the sofa. Right before I go to bed I will wipe my face with a Simple Skin Care Micellar Water wipe and apply a bit of moisturiser to let that sink in over night so my skin feels hydrated for a long day of make up on Christmas Day.

That’s it! That’s all I do on a Christmas Eve evening. Let me know what you get up to on Christmas Eve in the comments below. If you want to know any of the products mentioned I have left links at the bottom of the post.


Simple Body Wash

Simple Exfoliator

Aussie Shampoo

Aussie Conditioner

Lush Mask Of Magnaminty

No7 Make Up Brush Cleanser

Simple Moisturiser

Simple Micellar Wipes

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