Being Pregnant At Christmas Is Exciting

When I say about being pregnant at Christmas, more often than not the reaction is usually like “Oh, that’s a shame. You won’t be able to drink!”. While that is true, it really doesn’t bother me. I’ll leave the holiday hangovers to the rest of you, and I’ll be hangover free being able to do … Continue Reading

This Week In Pregnancy: Week 24

This week has been such a rollercoaster! I have been emotional, hormonal and every other stereotype a pregnant person can be. The littlest things have been getting to me, like my nail breaking or cookies not going right. Even writing this I’m getting emotional because I’m talking about being emotional. I am not alright! L … Continue Reading

This Week In Pregnancy: Week 23

Wow, 16 weeks left! Looking back, this week has been such a blur because so much has happened. 2 birthdays, 4 celebrations and 6 sleep deprived nights. It’s just flown by because I’ve been so bloody busy! I seemed to have popped out a bit more this week, so I now feel like an utter … Continue Reading

This Week In Pregnancy: Week 22

I can’t believe 23 weeks pregnant. It feels so weird to say, but also amazing obviously! By this time in my friend’s pregnancies, a lot of them tended to have the sudden realisation that they’re going to be giving birth in 17 weeks time. I mean, that sounds a long time, but when you think … Continue Reading

This Week In Pregnancy: Week 21

This week in pregnancy has seen more hormonal tears than ever. I have cried at literally everything this week… Someone didn’t answer the phone when I called, I cried.  I watched a video of a puppy who had wheels for front legs, I cried. Clara died in Doctor Who, I cried. Honestly, I thought I’d … Continue Reading

This Week In Pregnancy: Week 20

There goes another week. To anyone that says pregnancy drags: stop lying! I don’t know if it’s because I write this post every week or if it’s because I’m so excited to meet our little girl, but damn pregnancy has flown by… This week has just been an absolute rollercoaster; emotionally, physically and just stressfully. … Continue Reading

This Week In Pregnancy: Week 19!

WOAHHHH WE’RE HALF WAY THERE! 20 weeks. 15 and a half weeks ago, I found out I was having a baby. 12 and a half weeks of horrendous morning sickness. 7 weeks of painful hips and back. 3 weeks of sleepless nights. 1 week of crippling anxiety. But it’s not all been bad! The last 15 and … Continue Reading

This Week In Pregnancy: Week 18

Almost half way! One more week and it’ll be time to countdown the weeks until our due date. Gosh, that’s a scary thought. This week has been quite a chilled one to be honest. I’ve been pretty quiet, think the hormones are going a bit mental at the moment. Felt a bit down, not for … Continue Reading

This Week In Pregnancy: Week 17

This week has flown by – in fact, the whole bleedin’ month has! Where has time gone!? So anyway, week 17 was a success. Sickness has gone, finally, after 11 and a half long long weeks. I’ve been so upbeat this week, feel much more alive and not so robotic. It’s still a struggle to … Continue Reading

This Week In Pregnancy: Week 16!

It’s been a while (again! (sorry!)). I’ve been quite ill the last week or so, with not keeping much food down over the weekend and now I’ve got Connor’s cold-cough illness which is just making me feel like death warmed up to be honest. Pregnancy this week was quite kind to me. I wrote in … Continue Reading