This Week In Pregnancy: Week 39

It’s my due date! However, no clear signs of things progressing towards birth just yet. Patience is wearing thin, but that’s mainly due to my sleeping habits becoming increasingly disturbed and disorientated. This week has been emotionally challenging at times. There have been many tears over things that usually seem so minuscule. It dawned on … Continue Reading

This Week In Pregnancy: Week 38

One more week. Wow, what a strange thing to be able to say! It’s crazy to think back to announcing pregnancy last Summer, and writing this post every week. Knowing that the next one will probably be the last one, maybe even this one… Okay, let’s stop freaking out for a second and actually come … Continue Reading

This Week In Pregnancy: Week 37

Wow, my due date is two weeks away! Could she be here before then? This week has been a little crazy, and by a little I mean extremely. I am so tired after this last week, so much has happened it’s flown by! I mentioned last week about pains that I’d been getting that were … Continue Reading

What’s In My Hospital Bag

My due date is sneaking up on me pretty quickly and my hospital bag is finally all packed and ready to go. It’s difficult knowing what to pack; how much is too much, what if I haven’t packed enough? Luckily after weeks of racking my brain I think I’ve finally got there and packed the … Continue Reading

This Week In Pregnancy: Week 36

This week has been the most difficult week so far. With a combination of nesting and getting various aches and pains it’s been very very tiring. I’m yawning just thinking about it! At least I can officially say I’m full term now, and she can come at any moment she likes. The sooner the better … Continue Reading

This Week In Pregnancy: Week 35

Wow, 36 weeks pregnant. That is so crazy to say! It’s even more crazier to say it’s officially my due month! I can’t believe how fast it’s gone. I still remember sitting down 24 weeks ago to type out my first TWIP post. The pregnancy fiasco has calmed down a bit this week, it’s been … Continue Reading

Our Hopes For Becoming Parents

Becoming a first time parent, or even a second or third time parent, is a very daunting, but exciting time in anyone’s life. Lots of things go through your mind; how will I cope, what will change, how can I give them the best in life. It’s normal to panic and worry about what will … Continue Reading

This Week In Pregnancy: Week 34

This week has not been kind to me at all. I’m really starting to feel the effects of pregnancy now it’s getting towards the end. I’m just keeping my spirits high by doing fuller faces of make up and making more of an effort with myself and thinking about how it will all be worth … Continue Reading

Baby Wish List

With a month and a week left until my due date we’re pretty organised and have everything we need. That hasn’t stopped me looking around online for more bits that I want to buy simply because they’re nice and I love them. I’ve got baskets made up on so many sites I’ve lost count so … Continue Reading

This Week In Pregnancy: Week 33

It’s currently 4am and I’ve decided that now is a good time to write this post. I usually write these pregnancy posts the evening before they’re uploaded as that way I can give you information about a week instead of 6 days. So why this week am I writing at 4am, just 5 and a … Continue Reading