Child & Car Safety For Summer

The hot weather is fast approaching for us at the moment, Summer is right around the corner. Although that means having lots of fun and making memories, it also means that you need to be a bit more careful. For me, my most important focus is keeping Lana, my daughter, safe. As a parent, child … Continue Reading

My Mummies First Mothers Day

Hello Mummy, I’m being sneaky right now… I got up early so I could make you a special message whilst you slept! Happy Mothers Day!     I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am to call you my Mummy. You looked after me and fed me whilst I was in your belly and … Continue Reading

My Favourite Things About Being A Parent

Becoming a parent is scary. However, it is the most amazing thing in the whole world. Being able to watch Lana grow and develop into her own little personality is so much fun. It’s also quite daunting because I’m starting to see new things every day. Lana’s at that age now where she’s diving into … Continue Reading

Welcome To The World

Hello! I’m back after about two, maybe three, weeks off. I have a very good reason for this… My daughter was born! Welcome to the world, Lana Jade Christie. Yes, that’s right. Following on from my last This Week In Pregnancy, she finally made her arrival on the 3rd of April. I went four days … Continue Reading