The Perfect Biscoff Christmas Cheesecake

Baking is one of my favourite things to do at Christmas time. So when I made this Biscoff cheesecake, I thought it was the perfect taste for those of us that don’t like a tradition Christmas pud after their turkey on the big day. I would definitely recommend this cheesecake to anyone as there’s no … Continue Reading

My Diet Guide

I find keeping to a diet is one of the most difficult things for me, I won’t lie. Whenever I try to cut out lots of foods in one hit I have always struggled. Especially when I was living with my mum as I couldn’t control what was in the cupboards. However, now I’m living … Continue Reading

Balsamic Chicken + Vegetables (Syn Free!)

I have recently decided to start Slimming World to get myself motivated and losing weight in a healthy way. This is the perfect recipe for lunch or dinner, and best of all it’s syn free! For those of you that don’t do Slimming World, it’s good for you. This recipe serves 2 people, but I … Continue Reading

3 Easy Meals For Healthier Eating

Breakfast Oat Pot This is a breakfast you’re able to make the night before and keep refrigerated overnight. It’s quick, easy and vegan friendly! You simply need some almond milk, oats, an apple and some raisins. You’ll also need a glass jar with a lid. 1. Put cup of oats in your jar. 2. Dice … Continue Reading

The Great Christmas Bake Off

It’s tradition for me to have a huge baking day, sometimes two, in the week before Christmas so I thought I’d share with you some of the things I’m baking this year and how to do it with ease so you can give them ago if you want too. This post includes sausage rolls, mince … Continue Reading

Christmas Baking: Cookies

I am in the full festive swing of baking and have a few posts coming up to do with Christmas baking. I made some sugar cookies, admittedly the icing isn’t the neatest because it was rubbish, but they turned out really tasty. Here’s how I did it in a step by step guide. Ingredients: 365g … Continue Reading

Favourite Place To Eat: Bill’s Restaurant

I went to Brighton last month and finally went to Bill’s after hearing so much good stuff about it. I was really excited to eat here because everyone goes crazy over it and I’ve heard great things about their pink lemonade (addicted). After a long day of walking around Brighton non-stop, this is exactly what … Continue Reading