How I Take My Instagram Photos – 2017

If you follow me on any of my social medias, particularly Instagram, you will know I’m a lover of flat-lays. There’s something deeply satisfying when you take a flat-lay and everything just works. They’re one of my favourite kind of pictures to plan and take. However, they’re not as simple as chucking a few products … Continue Reading

Why Twitter Chats Are Useful For Bloggers

The blogging community is ever-growing which can make it hard to be captivating. However, it also means that there are so many amazing bloggers out there yet to discover. One of the best ways I’ve discovered some new bloggers is through Twitter blogger chats. I’ve found some of my favourites through them and it makes … Continue Reading

The Perfect Gift For Valentines Day

I don’t know about anyone else, but I love personalised gifts. They’re just so much more sentimental and meaningful. I find you can have a bit of fun when making them too. Whenever I receive a gift thats personalised, I appreciate it so much more because I know that some effort has gone into it. … Continue Reading

5 Blogs You Should Be Reading

I’ve been discovering a lot of new blogs lately, and I’ve really fallen in love with some of them. I’ve never done a post dedicated to my favourite bloggers so I thought that’s what I’d do today. Here are my top five bloggers at the moment.   Chloe-Paige Fisher (@chloepaigee23) I’m loving Chloe’s blog at … Continue Reading

A Little Q&A

Woo! First mini Q&A ever! I’ve wanted to do one for a while so I thought ‘eh, why not?’. I know this is probably super boring for some of you, but I enjoy them as it gives an insight into someone’s mind. So I took to Twitter and asked you to get involved by sending … Continue Reading

Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Blogging

Believe it or not, I have been blogging for just over two years. However, I’ve been blogging on a more serious note for the last year. When I first set up this blog I didn’t have a clue what I was doing, which is why I have hidden a few posts from back then. I … Continue Reading

The Ultimate Guide To Blogger Twitter Chats

Discovering a new blogger and falling in love with their blog is one of the best things about the blogging community. It’s so much fun diving into someone’s posts and getting lost for hours in them. It’s great to be sociable in this community; you discover amazing blogs to read and you also broaden your … Continue Reading

It’s Okay To Love Yourself

Everyone deserves to love themselves, but there’s often a fear of not wanting to sound cocky or arrogant. However, it’s perfectly fine to love yourself. It’s not something I see enough and it is a huge shame. Why shouldn’t you say when you’re feeling amazing in an outfit? Why should you empower yourself? But, to … Continue Reading

My Top Five Places To Travel To

I’m not a huge traveller, but when I do I absolutely love it. I love everything from the hustle and bustle of the airport to the feeling of no responsibilities because you’re on holiday. Seeing different countries and cultures fascinate me. There is such a spectrum of people and traditions out there and we know … Continue Reading

Weight Loss Progress Report #2

It’s been a while, and long awaited, but it’s finally time to do my second update of my weight loss progress. Don’t worry, I have been sticking to healthy eating etc. which you may know if you follow me on my social medias like Twitter and Snapchat. The exercise, however, has taken a back seat … Continue Reading