The Looks I Love From London Fashion Week

Day 1 BORA AKSU I love this range so much. The detailing in the dresses and layering in a lot of the outfits put together are stunning. I’d say there’s a lot of mixture in this range as there’s the fairly minimalistic looks (like the second image) and there’s the more out there looks (like … Continue Reading

5 Must Have Maternity Fashion Pieces

Buying maternity clothes is probably the one thing you don’t look forward to buying during pregnancy – I know I’ve hated it. For a start, it’s so hard to find anything nice and when you do it’s usually £40 for a top. Usually that’s fine, but when it’s a top you’re only going to be … Continue Reading

The Winter Boots That I’m Loving Right Now

It’s time to crack out the winter boots to conquer this harsh weather while still looking stylish. I’ve got two pairs that I’m alternating between at the moment as I can’t decide which is my favourite. There’s a pair from Peacocks and a pair from New Look, and they’ve got their good points and bad points. … Continue Reading

My 5 Must-Have Items Right Now

With the cold weather rolling in I have been absolutely freezing at the moment. I’ve been using a few items to absolute death lately because they’re the only things that are comfortable and warm. I’m going to share these little treasures with you, they are my absolute must haves at the moment. The first item … Continue Reading

Why The Kurt Geiger Darla Tote Is The Bag You Need

This Kurt Geiger bag is the bag of the Spring. It’s not often I buy a new bag, but when I do I like to make sure it’s perfect. I like my bags to serve me well and I’m also really fussy. I don’t do big bags as I find them such a nuisance and … Continue Reading

Monthly Love List: November

What I Watched (Favourite TV Show / Film I Watched) This month I started to watch Ru Paul’s Drag Race. I was a bit worried at first because I was worried that it would just be really annoying, but it was actually really entertaining and funny. I do watch the show thinking “damn, they need … Continue Reading

Monthly Love List: October

What I Watched (Favourite TV Show / Film I Watched) I decided one evening that I’d watch an episode of Hell’s Kitchen on Netflix, and both me and Connor are obsessed with it. What’s better than watching Gordon Ramsey telling people to f*ck off when you’re hormonal and need cheering up!? What I Snapped (Favourite Photo) … Continue Reading

Payday Weekend Buys!

Whoops! I went to Lush. I told myself I could make it until Sunday when I went to Southampton to go to Lush, but when one of my girls phoned and said they were heading in to town and asked if I fancied going with. How could I refuse? Great company & great shops, it’s … Continue Reading

Monthly Love List: September 2015

What I Watched (Favourite TV Show / Film I Watched) I finally got round to watching The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies this month which was amazing. I was supposed to be taken to see it back when it came out, but somehow Connor wriggled his way out of doing the date night so … Continue Reading