Brighton is one of the most beautiful places in England; from the gorgeous, stony beach to the small, independent cafes and smell of coffee lingering in the air. It’s very hard to find a fault with Brighton. I prefer fast paced towns, but I wouldn’t be able to handle London as much as I used to with a pram. I also love the fact it’s a seaside town. Living by a beach most of my life, I’d struggle to find a place that I love without one. I’ve been wanting to go to Brighton for months, and I’m so happy I finally managed to go. We actually planned on doing it when I was pregnant, but by the time we were able to and the weather be okay I was quite late on. Obviously, it’s been hard to squeeze it in since birth with motherhood, moving and sorting our place out taking over.

Of course, the first thing we did when we got off the train was head straight to some shops. We went into one of my favourite shops, Tiger, which we don’t have where I live. I love Tiger, it has the coolest things in there that are quite unusual. I love their home bits at the moment, and if it wasn’t for the fact we needed to bring them back on the train I would’ve gone crazy! It’s given me so many ideas for Christmas presents and stocking gifts which have gotten me even more eager for Christmas.

After having a browse around some shops we took a stroll down to the pier. We went on some of the stall games like Tin Can Alley and went into the arcades to win some tickets. We played some b-ball like the pros we are and tried to knock as many clowns down with some small balls. Even Lana has a go on a wheel of fortune type game. She won 50 tickets and smiled like crazy with everyone’s praise despite not understanding why.

Time was getting on by this point, and our stomachs were calling out for some food so after a stroll through The Lanes we found a less-busy place to eat some lunch. We stopped at a little cafe called Manja which specialises in wraps and melts. I decided on a Sweet Chilli Chicken Melt which was heaven on earth! It was so nice, I definitely recommend it to anyone that can’t decide where to go in Brighton. Once lunch had been finished and stomachs were now happy, we went to Charlie’s. Charlie’s is the sweet shop in The Lanes that has all sorts of candy from America and other countries. It wouldn’t be right to go into a sweet shop and not buy a couple of things you don’t usually see. We bought an Oreo cookie (which was delightful), a white chocolate KitKat (which was alright I suppose), and a peanut butter Snickers (which was also really nice).

To finish off our trip, we headed to Churchill Square to have a look in a couple more shops to waste time before our train home. We went in Superdrug where I bought a couple more liquid lipsticks. I bought two of the MUA Metallic Liquid Lipsticks so if you’d like a makeup look post on them, make sure you tweet me or leave a comment on Facebook! We then went to H&M Kids to get a few more bits for Lana as she’ll be going into 6-9 months soon, then Mothercare as that’s where we get her vests from. After a brief shop we then head to the train station to head home in time for Lana’s dinner and bed time.

I’ve made a short video of the day so I can show Lana when she’s older. I like to treasure memories and this was such a fun way of documenting it. Give it a watch and show it some love if you’re feeling really nice. I love hearing feedback and nice comments!

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