It’s been almost a year since Connor first done my makeup, so it only seemed right to do it again to see if he’s improved his skills at all. The outcome was very interesting, that’s all I’m going to say. I won’t be giving any spoilers so you’ll have to keep reading to find out how he did. Although, if you’re anything like me you’ll have skipped to the end to see the result anyway.

Before we even got started getting the makeup on my face, I got Connor to pick out the products he wanted to use. It was a promising start as he was picking out all the products he’d need (concealer, blusher, highlighter). For a split second, I thought he’d been watching tutorials on the sly to get some pointers before doing it. He looked like he knew what he was doing. He’s forever overhearing me watching tutorials on YouTube and having me chew his ear off about the products I’m excited about or ones I’ve bought.



This year he actually started off with the right product – primer. He put quite a bit on but managed to spread it across my face quite evenly. For some reason, he swapped around the next two stages from last year meaning that Connor applied my concealer before foundation. I didn’t mind too much because it didn’t look terrible, it just felt like a sin. Kind of like putting milk in tea before the hot water. May I just add that once he’d finished with these products he put my primer lid on my foundation and foundation got e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e…



To try and give me some facial features, Connor took a sh*t tonne of bronzer on my powder brush and started hammering it onto my cheeks. Truthfully, it’s not as violent as it sounds, there was just so much product on the brush it looked like a dodgy spray tan. To make the scenario even worse he took a fan brush and packed highlighter on it and proceeded to spread it across the entirety of my face. I looked like a bronzed disco ball, but I kind of liked it. Connor then went on to moan about how hard everything is to use. By everything, he means makeup brushes…



My brows were next. My poor, poor brows. In all fairness, it wasn’t too bad. They weren’t too dark, but they could have been a little darker in my eyes. The shape isn’t what I’d usually like, but it’s okay I guess. I mean, they look like eyebrows so it’s okay with me. Mirroring last year, Connor brushed through my brows with the crap brush on the lid of the pencil still having no clue why it’s used.



Yes, for some reason, I let Connor attempt another eyeshadow look. I thought after how well last year’s looked – sarcasm – it can’t get much better, and I was proved correct. The good thing was that, I didn’t look like I had two black eyes, but well, you can see what it looked like. I knew I was in trouble when he opened the palette and said: “there’s no thingy thing”… Dark, shimmery red is a shade that is extremely hard to do right, especially when you have no idea what you’re doing. However, dark red was placed all over my lid, with gold in the crease. I think it would look quite nice if it was blended properly as the colours picked were really gorgeous.

I was quite shocked by how well Connor did my eyeliner, but only for one eye. It was so good that I feel like I would’ve been able to wear it out the house if I’d touched it up. The other eye was a complete fail so let’s just skip that one. Up next was mascara – if I can even say that. What I mean is that mascara was applied, but only one coat and I’m not even sure if it did anything to my lashes. Connor decided to skip lashes, let down.



Another let down was the lipstick colour choice. After having such a bold colour last year, I definitely feel like choosing a nude colour for this year was a step back. Shouldn’t have set the bar so high last year! Then to finish off the look, Connor took a brush with no product on and brushed this all over my face to try and ‘tie the look together’ I suppose…



Final verdict time. Overall, it wasn’t too bad. My skin was very glowy, very smooth looking. It was just the eyes that let everything down. I probably would’ve left the house with it after a few touch ups and wearing sunglasses. That eyeshadow and eyeliner would not be seeing the light of day whatsoever. Even if my house was burning down, I would need to wipe it off or grab some sunglasses before evacuating. Priorities! Compared to last year I’d say that the way it looks is an improvement, but the techniques used are definitely not. In Connor’s defence, I was giving him hints last year, whereas I didn’t give any at all this time round.

How do you think he done? Rate him in the comments below out of 10. Also, to flip the cards around, Connor has agreed to let me do his makeup for a future post! HOWEVER, that is only if I get 50 likes on my pinned Facebook post. To raise the stakes even more, he has also said if I get a hefty 200 likes then I’m allowed to go all out drag. So go get liking the pinned post on my Facebook page if you’d like to see that!!


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This is such a funny post and great to see some fun on the blog! I don’t think he did too badly, all things considered. It definitely could have been a lot worse! xx

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