I’ve been using the Bourjois City Radiance foundation for just over a month now so I wanted to give my opinion on it. I’ve heard a lot of stuff being thrown around about it that’s a bit mixed review. First off, I use the shade 02 Vanilla which matches me pretty well. I’ve become quite a pale person in the face so shades I used to wear are now dark for me. I was so happy with how well this matched my skin. I was also very pleased that it has a yellow undertone instead of pink.

This foundation is wonderful in hot weather because it’s not super full coverage or heavy. During Summer I prefer a lower coverage so I don’t feel so claustrophobic due to my makeup being heavy. This foundation definitely has a nicer finish if you use a beauty blender to blend it out with compared to a brush. In case it wasn’t obvious, this foundation makes you look radiant and glowy while not looking shiny or oily. Perfect for the Summer or if you’re going on holiday!

More often than not I have found that lower coverage foundations to wear off quite easily – even when the weather isn’t so hot. However, I found Bourgois have made the perfect foundation to fight through the hot weather amazingly. After wearing it, sometimes even for 12 hours if it’s a long day, my skin still looked glowy and smooth when I got home. Every time I wear City Radiance I get so many compliments on how refreshed I look.

The consistency of this foundation is fairly thick so I didn’t need to worry about it running down my face before I blended it. It also made it super easy to blend and set. The finish is fairly matte while still being glowy at the same time which I love.

Overall, I really like this Bourgois foundation, but in colder weather, I’d rather stick to my Rimmel or MAC foundations. However, this is the perfect foundation for hotter weather and the perfect size to put in a travel makeup bag. It combats the hot weather, makes your skin look amazing & the finish is gorgeous. What more could you want for a Summer foundation?

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I tend to go for yellow undertones as well. My skintone is kind of neutral but I do have some redness around my nose so going for a yellow undertone just works better. I really need to try this foundation – I’m super pale and drugstore foundations usually end up looking too dark or too orange on me.

xo Sabrina from http://breena.me

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