The Body Shop is a brand that I’ve really enjoyed for a long time. My bathroom has always had at least one product from there in since I can remember. So, when I was invited to The Body Shop Chichester’s event recently how could I say no? I went to one back before Christmas which I really enjoyed so I was very excited about this one too. Their events are so fun, and James and the team are all so lovely. It was such a good evening with games, food and I even learnt a few things too!

I really enjoyed seeing the familiar faces of Mike, Saffron and James. However, I also got to meet a few new faces too; Georgia, Beckie, Eliza. I’ve been speaking to Georgia and Beckie for so long so it was nice to finally meet them! It was nice to break the ice at the event by playing a hook the duck game where more often than not you’ll look like Harry Potter waving a stick around. It’s all in the name of fun though, so it was a good laugh.

The event itself was in honour of the petition that The Body Shop have going on at the moment. You may have seen the hashtag #ForeverAgainstAnimalTesting around on Instagram and Twitter recently. It’s related to the petition to ban animal testing on cosmetic products and ingredients – and The Body Shop are the first global company to fight against it in such a way. They need a grand total of 8 million signatures to take to the UN General Assembly this year, and they’re currently on 5 million. We all know animal testing is wrong, but some of the things we was told the night was so eye-opening into how awful it actually is. For every ingredient for a product that gets tested, 1,400 animals get used to test it! That’s right, per INGREDIENT!

The Body Shop are truly inspiring in the work that they’re doing in the fight against animal testing. I admire the fact that they’re completely vegetarian friendly, and they’re working their way to completely vegan too. They’re currently over 50% vegan, so you’re able to ask a member of staff to show you the vegan-friendly products. Although I am not a vegan myself – or vegetarian – I am certainly more conscious of what products I’m using now. The Body Shop has inspired me to make more knowledgable choices in my makeup or cosmetic purchases.

Of course, I had to make a couple of cheeky purchases too. Those that attended on the evening were very kindly given a discount on the night, so I decided to treat myself to a few bath bombs, a Pina Colada shower gel, and a liquid lipstick. Going back to how the team at The Body Shop Chichester are so lovely, they kindly gifted us some products too which is always nice.

Overall, the evening was a lot of fun and I had a great time getting to meet people and play around with some of the amazing products. Thank you to James for organising yet another wonderful event, and to the team for taking care of us all. Make sure you sign The Body Shop’s petition if you haven’t already, let’s get those 8 million signatures!

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